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Industrial Hand Tools
Pull Wrench - Black Oxide
  • Offset pattern

  • Black industrial finish

  • Drop forged

195-8707(please login)
1-1/16" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8707A(please login)
1-1/8" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8708(please login)
1-1/4" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8708A(please login)
1-5/16" Tube Wrench
195-8708B(please login)
1-3/16" Tube Wrench
195-8709(please login)
1-7/16" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8709A(please login)
1-1/2" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8709B(please login)
1-3/8" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8710(please login)
1-5/8" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8710A(please login)
1-11/16" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8711(please login)
1-13/16" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8711A(please login)
1-7/8" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8711B(please login)
1-3/4" Tube Wrench
195-8712(please login)
2" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8712A(please login)
1-15/16" Tube Wrench
195-8713(please login)
2-3/16" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8713A(please login)
2-1/4" Tube Wrench
195-8713B(please login)
2-1/8" Tube Wrench
195-8714(please login)
2-3/8" Tube Wrench (Bulk)
195-8714A(please login)
2-5/16" Tube Wrench
195-8715(please login)
2-9/16" Tube Wrench
195-8715A(please login)
2-5/8" Tube Wrench
195-8715B(please login)
2-1/2" Tube Wrench
195-8716(please login)
2-3/4" Tube Wrench
195-8716B(please login)
2-15/16" Tube Wrench
195-8716C(please login)
2-7/8" Tube Wrench
195-8717(please login)
3" Tube Wrench
195-8717A(please login)
3-1/8" Tube Wrench
Pull Wrench Handle - Black Oxide
  • Black oxide finish

  • 24” or 36” Handle

  • Manufactured from steel bar

195-24TWH(please login)
24" Tube Wrench Handle (Bulk)
195-36TWH(please login)
36" Tube Wrench Handle (Bulk)
Offset Striking Wrench - 12pt
  • Offset pattern, 12 point

  • Black industrial finish

  • Drop forged

195-8807(please login)
1-1/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8807A(please login)
1-1/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8807B(please login)
1" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8808(please login)
1-1/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8808A(please login)
1-5/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8808B(please login)
1-3/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8809(please login)
1-7/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8809A(please login)
1-1/2" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8809B(please login)
1-3/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8810(please login)
1-5/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8810A(please login)
1-11/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8811(please login)
1-13/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8811A(please login)
1-7/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8811B(please login)
1-3/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8812(please login)
2" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8812A(please login)
1-15/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8813(please login)
2-3/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8813A(please login)
2-1/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8813B(please login)
2-1/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8814(please login)
2-3/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8814A(please login)
2-5/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8815(please login)
2-9/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8815A(please login)
2-5/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8815B(please login)
2-1/2" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8816(please login)
2-3/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8816B(please login)
2-15/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8816C(please login)
2-7/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8817(please login)
3" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (Bulk)
195-8817A(please login)
3-1/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8818(please login)
3-1/2" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8818A(please login)
3-3/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8819(please login)
3-7/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8819A(please login)
4-1/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8819B(please login)
3-3/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
195-8819C(please login)
4-1/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench
Striking Wrench - 6pt
  • Straight pattern, 6 point

  • Alloy steel

  • Drop forged

195-RN7063(please login)
1-1/16" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7075(please login)
1-1/4" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7088(please login)
1-7/16" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7100(please login)
1-5/8" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7113(please login)
1-13/16" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7125(please login)
2" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7138(please login)
2-3/16" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7150(please login)
2-3/8" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7163(please login)
2-9/16" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench"
195-RN7175(please login)
2-3/4" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench"
195-RN7188(please login)
2-15/16" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7200(please login)
3-1/8" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench" (Bulk)
195-RN7225(please login)
3-1/2" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench"
195-RN7250(please login)
3-7/8" 6pt Roughneck "Hammer Wrench"
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Angle Wrench - 3719
  • 15° offset slotted opening at one end and a 60° offset slotted opening at the other end

  • Thin heads with the same opening on each end

  • Chrome finish

195-3719(please login)
15/16" Angle Wrench
1/2" Dr Adjustable Torque Wrench - TQ-12
  • 1/2” Drive

  • 36 Tooth Quick Release

  • 30-250 FT-LB

195-TQ-12(please login)
30-250 FT-LB Torque Wrench (1 ea)
3/4" Dr Adjustable Torque Wrench - TQ-34
  • 3/4” Drive

  • 24 Tooth Quick Release

  • 100-600 FT-LB

195-TQ-34(please login)
100-600 FT-LB Torque Wrench (1 ea)
1" Dr Adjustable Torque Wrench - TQ-100
  • 1” Drive

  • 24 Tooth Quick Release

  • 200-1000 FT-LB

195-TQ-100(please login)
200-1000 FT-LB Torque Wrench (1 ea)
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Broad Head Bull Pin
  • Perfect for aligning bolt holes

  • One-piece design with uniform taper blending into body diameter

195-649(please login)
1-1/16" Broad Head Bull Pin
195-650(please login)
1-1/4" Broad Head Bull Pin
195-12(please login)
Martin 2" Black End Wrench (1ea)
195-468(please login)
Martin pin spanner 1/2" pin 6" circle diameter (1ea)
195-482(please login)
Martin 2" Adj. Spanner Wrench (1ea)
195-483(please login)
Martin 3" Adj. Spanner Wrench (1ea)
195-484(please login)
Martin 4" Adj. Spanner Wrench (1ea)
195-A200T(please login)
Martin 16" Adj Spud Wrench Construction (1ea)
195-H1270(please login)
Martin 3/4in dr 12pt 2-3/16in (1ea)

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