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Professional Hand Tools
13 pc SAE Wrench Set
  • Surface drive® on box end

  • Bright, full polish chrome finish

  • Sizes: 1/4” to 1” combination gear wrenches

  • Ratcheting box end needs as little as 5° to move fasteners vs the standard 30°

241-9312(please login)
13 pc SAE Ratchet Wrench Set w/Tray
8 pc SAE Wrench Set
  • Surface drive® on box end

  • Bright, full polish chrome finish

  • Set includes: 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 11/16" & 3/4"

  • Ratcheting box-end needs as little as 5° to move fastener vs standard 30°

241-9308D(please login)
8 pc SAE Ratchet Wrench Set w/Tray
7 pc SAE Wrench Set
  • Surface drive® box end

  • Bright, full polish chrome finish

  • Set includes: 5/16", 3/8", 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8" & 3/4"

  • Ratcheting box-end needs as little as 5° to move fastener vs the standard 30°

241-9317(please login)
7 pc SAE Ratchet Wrench Set w/Tray
12 pc Metric Wrench Set
  • Surface drive® on box end

  • Bright, full polish chrome finish

  • Set includes: 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, and 19 mm

  • Ratcheting box-end needs as little as 5° to move fastener vs the standard 30°

241-9412(please login)
12 pc Metric Ratchet Wrench Set
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Ratcheting Combination Wrench - 12pt
  • Bright, Full Polish Chrome Finish

  • Off-Corner Loading Design on Box End

  • Ratcheting Box End Needs As Little As 5° to Move Fasteners vs. 30° for Standard Wrenches

241-9032(please login)
1" Combo Ratcheting Wrench
241-9034(please login)
1-1/16" Combo Ratcheting Wrench
241-9036(please login)
1-1/8" Combo Ratcheting Wrench
241-9038D(please login)
1-1/4" Combo Ratcheting Wrench
16 pc Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set
  • Contains: 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm, 24mm size tools and molded storage wrench rack

241-9416(please login)
16 pc Metric Combo Ratcheting Wrench
12 pc SAE Socket Set
  • Chrome molybdenum alloy steel

  • Manganese phosphate coating

  • Parallel neck down design on 3/8", 7/16" 1/2" and 9/16" sizes

  • Includes blow mold case

241-84942N(please login)
12 pc Socket Set 1/2" Drive Deep SAE 6pt
23 pc Mechanics Tool Set - 80707
  • Includes Storage Case

  • Large Hard Stamp Size Markings

  • Knurled Full Polish Chrome Extensions

  • 84 Tooth Full Polish Chrome Thin Profile Ratchet

241-80707(please login)
23 pc Mechanics Tool Set
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40 pc Metric Ratcheting Tap & Die Set
  • Spring-Loaded Cap

  • Extension Adapters

  • Patented Twist Lock Guide System

  • 5° Ratcheting Arc with Reversible Lever

  • Die Adapter Works on Round and Hex Shaped Dies

241-3886(please login)
40 pc Racheting Tap & Die Drive Tool Set
Ratcheting Tap & Die Drive Tool Set
  • Spring-loaded cap

  • Patented twist lock guide system

  • 5° ratcheting arc with reversible lever

  • Die adapter works on round and hex shaped dies

241-3885(please login)
40 pc SAE Racheting Tap & Die Drive Tool Set
2 pc Double-X Plier Set
  • Straight & 45° Pliers

  • Flush Rivet

  • Compound Joint

  • Jaws Open Greater Distance Than the Handle

241-82106(please login)
2pc Double-X Plier Set
241-2419D(please login)
Gearwrench 4pc Spiral Screw Extractor Set (1ea)
241-2833D(please login)
Gearwrench tool engine cyclinder hone 2" to 7" w/240 medium grit stones
241-2835D(please login)
Gearwrench tool repl stones f/2833D cylinder hone 4in med 240grit
241-3029(please login)
Gearwrench tool brake & engine cylinder hone set economy
241-310902GR(please login)
Gearwrench magnetic bit 1/4in shaft x 6in shank (1ea)
241-64-830G(please login)
Gearwrench Torque Multiplier, 750 ft-lbs (1ea)
241-64-832G(please login)
Gearwrench Torque Multiplier, 1200 ft-lbs (1ea)
241-67-101G(please login)
Gearwrench 11-1/8" Long Reach Diagonal Cutting Pliers (1ea)
241-67-163G(please login)
Gearwrench 7.5" Diagonal Cutting Pliers (1ea)
241-67-173G(please login)
Gearwrench 5-1/8" Diagonal Cutting Pliers w/ Spring (1ea)
241-67-183G(please login)
Gearwrench 4.5" Diagonal Cutting Pliers w/ Spring (1ea)
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241-67-240G(please login)
Gearwrench 11.5" Long Reach Chain Nose Pliers (1ea)
241-67-241G(please login)
Gearwrench 11.4" Bent Long Reach Chain Nose Pliers (1ea)
241-67-331G(please login)
Gearwrench 7.8" Chain Nose Pliers w/ Wire Stripper (1ea)
241-67-357G(please login)
Gearwrench 5-7/8" Long Thin Needle Nose Pliers (1ea)
241-67-367G(please login)
Gearwrench 6-7/8" Long Thin Needle Nose Pliers (1ea)
241-67-503G(please login)
Gearwrench 8" Duckbill Pliers (1ea)
241-69-700G(please login)
Gearwrench 3# MaxxLock Sledge Hammer, 14" Handle (1ea)
241-69-701G(please login)
Gearwrench 4# MaxxLock Sledge Hammer, 14" Handle (1ea)
241-69-703G(please login)
Gearwrench 6# MaxxLock Sledge Hammer, 24" Handle (1ea)
241-69-705G(please login)
Gearwrench 8# MaxxLock Sledge Hammer, 24" Handle (1ea)
241-69-707G(please login)
Gearwrench 8# MaxxLock Sledge Hammer, 32" Handle (1ea)
241-69-709G(please login)
Gearwrench 10# MaxxLock Sledge Hammer, 32" Handle (1ea)
241-69-711G(please login)
Gearwrench 12# MaxxLock Sledge Hammer, 32" Handle (1ea)
241-720DD(please login)
Gearwrench 4pc Screw Extractor Set (1ea)
241-80050(please login)
Gearwrench 6pc Phillip/Slotted Screwdriver Set (4ea/16cs)
241-80051(please login)
Gearwrench 12pc Phillips/Slot Screwdriver Set (6ea/12cs)
241-80055(please login)
Gearwrench 6pc Precision Screwdriver Set (1ea)
241-80060(please login)
Gearwrench 10pc Phillips/Slot Screwdriver Set (6ea/12cs)
241-80550(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 6pt 57pc skt set (1ea)
241-80552(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 6pt 14pc std metric skt set (1ea)
241-80553(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 6pt 13pc sae skt set (1ea)
241-80554(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 6pt 14pc deep metric skt set (1ea)
241-80555(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 6pt 11pc deep sae skt set (1ea)
241-80581(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8 DR Hex SKT Set 12pc. SAE (9ea)
241-80710D(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2dr 12pt 13pc std metric skt set (1ea)
241-80711(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2dr 12pt 11pc sae skt set (1ea)
241-80712(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2dr 12pt 10pc deep metric skt set (1ea)
241-80732(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2dr 12pt 14pc deep sae skt set (1ea)
241-80772(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2 DR 7/16 Deep Socket Crome (1ea)
241-80791(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2dr 6pt 19pc skt set 7/16-1-1/4" SAE chrome(1ea
241-80879(please login)
Gearwrench 3/4dr 12pt 13pc skt set (1ea)
241-80880(please login)
Gearwrench skt set 3/4dr 12pt 27pc (1ea)
241-80931(please login)
Gearwrench 141pc Mechanics Tool Set (1ea)
241-80932(please login)
Gearwrench 165pc Mechanics Tool Set (1ea)
241-80933(please login)
Gearwrench 216pc Mechanics Tool Set (1ea)
241-80942(please login)
Gearwrench 239pc mechanics tool set sae&metric (1set)
241-81201(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 4pc locking wobble set 3"/5"/10"/12" (1ea)
241-81202(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 3pc locking extension set 3"/6"/10" (1ea)
241-81272(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 10" locking extension (1ea)
241-81279(please login)
Gearwrench Ext Locking 3/8" dr 18" OAL
241-81301(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2dr 3pc locking wobble set 3"/5"/10" (1ea)
241-81302(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2dr 3pc locking extension set 3"/5"/10" (1ea)
241-81343(please login)
Gearwrench extension 1/2" Dr 1
241-81347(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2" DR 15" wobble extension
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241-81354(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2" Fx 3/8M adapte
241-81908(please login)
Gearwrench 11 PC 3/8" DR Crowfoot SAE Wrench Set
241-81917(please login)
Gearwrench 18pc combo wr set 1/4in -1-1/4in (1set )
241-81918(please login)
Gearwrench 15pc combo wr set (1set )
241-82005D(please login)
Gearwrench Double-X Straight Needle Nose Pliers (6ea/48cs)
241-82006D(please login)
Gearwrench Double-X 45 Needle Nose Pliers (6ea/48cs)
241-82063(please login)
Gearwrench 10" Tongue & Groove Pliers - Straight Jaw (6ea)
241-82064(please login)
Gearwrench 10" Tongue & Groove Pliers - V-Jaw (6ea)
241-82065(please login)
Gearwrench 12" Tongue & Groove Pliers - Straight Jaw (6ea)
241-82066(please login)
Gearwrench 16" Tongue & Groove Pliers - Straight Jaw (3ea)
241-82068(please login)
Gearwrench 6.5" Slip Joint Pliers (6ea)
241-82069(please login)
Gearwrench 8" Slip Joint Plier (6ea)
241-82070(please login)
Gearwrench 6" Diagonal Cutting Pliers (6ea)
241-82071(please login)
Gearwrench 7" Diagonal Cutting Pliers (6ea)
241-82072(please login)
Gearwrench 6.5" Long Nose Side Cutting Pliers (6ea)
241-82073(please login)
Gearwrench 7.5" Long Nose Side Cutting Pliers (6ea)
241-82074(please login)
Gearwrench 6" Curved Needle Nose Pliers (6ea)
241-82075(please login)
Gearwrench 8" Linemans Side Cutting Pliers (6ea)
241-82076(please login)
Gearwrench 7" End Cutting Nipper Pliers (6ea)
241-82114(please login)
Gearwrench 4pc Mixed Plier Set (2ea)
241-82116(please login)
Gearwrench 7pc Mixed Plier Set (2ea)
241-82120(please login)
Gearwrench 7.6" PivotForce Diagonal Cutting Plier (3ea)
241-82121(please login)
Gearwrench 8.25" PivotForce Long Nose Cutting Plier (3ea)
241-82124(please login)
Gearwrench 2pc PivotForce Compound Action Plier Set (1ea)
241-82158(please login)
Gearwrench 8" Tongue & Groove Pliers - Push Button (6ea)
241-82160(please login)
Gearwrench 10" Tongue & Groove Pliers - Push Button (6ea)
241-82162(please login)
Gearwrench 12" Tongue & Groove Pliers - Push Button (3ea)
241-82200(please login)
Gearwrench 5/8 x18" Rolling hd wedge bar extends to 29" (1ea)
241-82220(please login)
Gearwrench 18in-29in pry bar index, extendable (1ea)
241-82248(please login)
Gearwrench 48in pry bar index, extendable (1ea)
241-82340(please login)
Gearwrench 1-1/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82341(please login)
Gearwrench 1-1/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82342(please login)
Gearwrench 1-3/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82343(please login)
Gearwrench 1-1/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82344(please login)
Gearwrench 1-5/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82345(please login)
Gearwrench 1-3/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82346(please login)
Gearwrench 1-7/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82347(please login)
Gearwrench 1-1/2" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82348(please login)
Gearwrench 1-5/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82349(please login)
Gearwrench 1-11/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82350(please login)
Gearwrench 1-3/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82351(please login)
Gearwrench 1-13/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82352(please login)
Gearwrench 1-7/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82353(please login)
Gearwrench 1-15/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
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241-82354(please login)
Gearwrench 2" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82355(please login)
Gearwrench 2-1/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82356(please login)
Gearwrench 2-3/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82357(please login)
Gearwrench 2-1/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82358(please login)
Gearwrench 2-5/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82359(please login)
Gearwrench 2-3/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82360(please login)
Gearwrench 2-1/2" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82361(please login)
Gearwrench 2-9/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82362(please login)
Gearwrench 2-5/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82363(please login)
Gearwrench 2-3/4" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82364(please login)
Gearwrench 2-7/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82365(please login)
Gearwrench 2-15/16" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82366(please login)
Gearwrench 3" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82367(please login)
Gearwrench 3-1/8" 12pt Offset Striking Wrench (1ea)
241-82368(please login)
Gearwrench 1-1/4" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82369(please login)
Gearwrench 1-5/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82370(please login)
Gearwrench 1-3/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82371(please login)
Gearwrench 1-7/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82372(please login)
Gearwrench 1-1/2" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82373(please login)
Gearwrench 1-5/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82374(please login)
Gearwrench 1-11/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82375(please login)
Gearwrench 1-3/4" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82376(please login)
Gearwrench 1-13/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82377(please login)
Gearwrench 1-7/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82378(please login)
Gearwrench 2" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82379(please login)
Gearwrench 2-1/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82380(please login)
Gearwrench 2-1/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82381(please login)
Gearwrench 2-3/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82382(please login)
Gearwrench 2-1/4" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82383(please login)
Gearwrench 2-3/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82384(please login)
Gearwrench 2-7/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82385(please login)
Gearwrench 2-1/2" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82386(please login)
Gearwrench 2-9/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82387(please login)
Gearwrench 2-5/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82388(please login)
Gearwrench 2-3/4" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82389(please login)
Gearwrench 2-13/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82390(please login)
Gearwrench 2-15/16" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82391(please login)
Gearwrench 3" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82392(please login)
Gearwrench 3-1/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82393(please login)
Gearwrench 3-3/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82394(please login)
Gearwrench 3-1/2" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82395(please login)
Gearwrench 3-3/4" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82396(please login)
Gearwrench 3-7/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82397(please login)
Gearwrench 4-1/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
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241-82398(please login)
Gearwrench 4-1/4" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82399(please login)
Gearwrench 4-1/2" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82400(please login)
Gearwrench 4-5/8" Straight Striking Wrench - 12pt (1ea)
241-82682(please login)
Gearwrench 8pc Screwdriver Set Phillips/Slotted, Orange/Black (1ea)
241-82683(please login)
Gearwrench 8pc Screwdriver Set Phillips/Slotted, Green/Black (1ea)
241-82734(please login)
Gearwrench 8pc Screwdriver set combo (1set )
241-82765(please login)
Gearwrench 7pc SAE Nutdriver Set, Cushion Grip (1ea)
241-84617N(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2"dr 17mm Impact (1ea)
241-84927N(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8dr 3pc locking Impact ext set 3"/6"/12" (1ea)
241-84934N(please login)
Gearwrench deep imp skt set 1/2dr 6pt 19pc SAE (1ea)
241-85062(please login)
Gearwrench 3/8" DR Micrometer Torque Wrench, 10-100 FT-LBS (1ea)
241-85063(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2" DR Micrometer Torque Wrench 20-150 FT-LBS (1ea)
241-85065(please login)
Gearwrench 3/4" DR Micrometer Torque Wrench 100-600 FT-LBS (1ea)
241-85066(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2" DR Micrometer Torque Wrench 30-250 FT-LBS (1ea)
241-85856(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2" comb ratchet ing wrench (1ea)
241-89100(please login)
Gearwrench SAE Rat. Wrench Set Flex Flare Nut, 5pc. (1ea)
241-891200(please login)
Gearwrench 1/2"dr x15" Ratchet pass thru 72th flex head (1ea)
241-9018D(please login)
Gearwrench 9/16 comb ratchet ing wrench (1ea)
241-9024(please login)
Gearwrench 3/4 comb ratchet ing wrench (1ea)
241-9030(please login)
Gearwrench 15/16 comb ratchet ing wrench (1ea)
241-9040(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 1-7/16 (1ea)
241-9042(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 1-1/2 (1ea)
241-9044(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 1-9/16 (1ea)
241-9046D(please login)
Gearwrench 1-5/8 comb Ratcheti ng wrench (1ea)
241-9048(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 1-11/16 (1ea)
241-9050D(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 1-3/4 (1ea)
241-9052D(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 1-13/16 (1ea)
241-9054D(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 1-7/8 (1ea)
241-9056D(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 2" (1ea)
241-9060D(please login)
Gearwrench 1-5/16 comb Ratchet ng wrench (1ea)
241-9062D(please login)
Gearwrench Ratchet Wrench 1-3/8 (1ea)
241-9507D(please login)
Gearwrench 7pc SAE Rat Wr Set stubby (1ea)
241-9520D(please login)
Gearwrench 10pc metric Rat Wr set, stubby (1ea)
241-9702D(please login)
Gearwrench 13pc 12pt flex head ratcheting combo wrench set (1ea)

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