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Thread Lubricant, Kopr-Kote
Kopr-Kote Anti-Seize - Brush Top
  • Enviromentally safe

  • Protects against rust, oxidation and corrosion

  • Will not harden, evaporate or settle out

  • Requires no thinning

  • Water resistant

202-10002(please login)
1/2 lb Anti-Seize Compound w/Brush Top (12 ea)
202-10004(please login)
1 lb Anti-Seize Compound w/Brush Top (12 ea)
Kopr-Kote Anti-Seize - 1 gal
  • Enviromentally safe

  • Protects against rust, oxidation and corrosion

  • Will not harden, evaporate or settle out

  • Requires no thinning

  • Water resistant

202-10091(please login)
1 gal Anti-Seize Compound (1 ea)
Silver Plus Anti-Seize
  • High content of aluminum

  • Micro sized particles for lubrication

  • Choice for components made of aluminum alloys

  • Protects threads from rust corrosion and seizing

202-69904(please login)
1 lb Silver Plus Anti-Seize w/Brush Top (12 ea)
PTFE Thread Sealant
  • No lead

  • Nontoxic

  • Nonstaining

  • Contains PTFE

  • Safe for portable water lines

202-24004(please login)
1 lb PTFE Thread Sealant w/Brush Top (12 ea)
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SS-30 Pure Copper Anti-Seize Lubricant
  • Does not require mixing

  • Contains no lead or graphite

  • High content of micro-size , pure copper flakes

  • Will not separate, settle out, harden, or dry out in storage

  • Fortified with anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors

202-12504(please login)
1 lb SS-30 Anti-Seize Hi-Temp Copper - Brush Top (12 ea)
550 Non-Metallic Anti-Seize Compound
  • Assures protection against rust, oxidation, and corrosion

  • Will not harden, evaporate, or settle out; and it requires no thinning

  • Homogeneous composition offers maximum protection against seizure and heat

202-15504(please login)
1 lb 550 Anti-Seize Compound - Brush Top (12 ea)
API Modified Thread Compound
  • Will Not Harden Or Dry

  • Prevents Galling And Wear

  • Custom-Refined, Low-Sulfur Oil

  • Can Withstand Pressures Up To 10,000 PSI

  • Additives For Rust And Corrosion Protection

202-22112(please login)
2.5 gal API-Mod Thread Sealant 25 lb (1 ea)
TF-15 Metal Free Thread Sealant
  • Seals badly worn threads

  • Greatly increases connection life

  • Provides protection against galling and wear

202-23023(please login)
1 gal TF-15 Metal Free Thread Sealant (1 ea)
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TF-25 HD Thread Sealant with PTFE
  • Water resistant, non-hardening

  • Completely stable and requires no thinner

  • Adheres securely - even on wet or oily threads

  • Ingredients are inert, noncorrosive, and nonconductive

202-23502(please login)
1/2 pt TF-25 Heavy Duty Thread Sealant (12 ea)
202-23504(please login)
1 pt TF-25 Heavy Duty Thread Sealant (12 ea)
Moly-Mist Dry Film Lube
  • Lowers friction

  • Low friction anti-seizable

  • Not classified as a marine pollutant

  • Not affected by contraction, expansion or vibration

202-10041(please login)
12 oz Moly-Mist Dry Film Lube (12 ea)
Moly Mist Dry Film Lubricant
  • Solid, dry-form lubricant

  • Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2)

  • Reduces torque and power consumption

  • Lowers friction, prevents galling, seizure, stickslip, fretting, corrosion and metal-to-metal contact

202-16041(please login)
Moly-Mist Dry Film Lubricant (12 ea)
C-Plate Copper Rich Coating
  • Aides in preventing galling

  • Air-cures at room temperature in 4 to 6 hours

  • Forms a durable, acid-free, corrosion-resistant finish

  • Provides a durable micro-thin coating of copper to machined surfaces

202-61741(please login)
C-Plate Copper Rich Coating (12 ea)
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Mustache Dope Brush - 06100
  • Engineered to hold up to the rough conditions where they are used and the materials that are being applied.

  • 4-1/2” Handle

202-06100(please login)
Mustache Dope Brush - 4-1/2" Handle (12 ea)
*ECF Anti-Seize Compound - 28904
202-28904(please login)
1 lb Brush Top ECF Anti-Seize Compound (12 ea)
202-10092(please login)
Jet-Lube Kopr Kote 2-1/2 gallon (1pail)
202-10093(please login)
Jet-Lube Kopr Kote 5 gallon (1pail/36pallet)
202-10113(please login)
Jet-Lube 2.5gal KoprKote drill collar and tool joint compound (1ea)
202-10115(please login)
Jet-Lube Kopr Kote 5gal drill collar and tool joint compound (1ea)
202-10123(please login)
Jet-Lube Kopr-Kote 1gal (1ea)
202-11415L(please login)
Jet-Lube extreme thread lubricant 5gal (1ea)
202-11813(please login)
Jet-Lube 2.5 gal Tool joint compoundl (1ea)
202-12502(please login)
Jet-Lube 1/2lb SS-30 Anti-seiz hi-temp copper w/brush lid (12cs)
202-12523(please login)
Jet-Lube 10lb SS-30 Anti-seize hi-temp pure copper(1gal/pail)
202-13229(please login)
Jet Lube 55 gal Rust-guard corrosion inhibitor (1dr)
202-13235(please login)
Jet-Lube 5 gal rust Guard (1ea )
202-14523(please login)
Jet-Lube 1gal Kopr-Kote Eco-Safe Drilling Compound (1gal)
202-15502(please login)
Jet-Lube 1/2lb 550 Anti-Seize compound w/ brush top (12ea)
202-15555(please login)
Jet-Lube 1/4 lb Anti-seize molybdenum disulfide w/brush top (24ea/cs)
202-16015(please login)
Jet-Lube Moly Mist dry film lubriplate 5gal (1pail)
202-16914(please login)
Jet-Lube NCS-30 thread compound 3-1/2 gal pail (1ea)
202-16915L(please login)
Jet-Lube 5 gal Pail NCS-30 thread compound (1ea)
202-17941(please login)
Jet-Lube Gear Guard (12ea)
202-20915L(please login)
Jet-Lube Seal-Guard ECF, 44# Metal Lined Pail (1ea)
202-23012(please login)
Jet-Lube 2gal TF-15 Fiberglass pipe thread sealant (1ea)
202-23015(please login)
Jet-Lube 5gal TF-15 Thread sealing compound (1pail)
202-24002(please login)
Jet-Lube 1/2 pt TFW thread sealant brush top (12ea/cs)
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202-26203(please login)
Jet-Lube 1lb Moly Petrolatum anti-seize w/brush top (12ea/cs)
202-28003(please login)
Jet-Lube MP-50 1lb plug top Lo friction moly paste (12ea) (Not a Brush Top)
202-34212(please login)
Jet-Lube Cural 2gal multi-purpose metal free drill compound (1ea)
202-34215(please login)
Jet-Lube 5gal Cural nonmetalic thread compound (1pail/36plt)
202-35504(please login)
Jet Lube V-2 thread sealant 1 pint brush top (12ea/cs)
202-37116(please login)
Jet Lube 35 # Alco-ECF 16 KG Pail (1/5gal.pail)
202-37341(please login)
Jet-Lube 769 Lube aerosol (12ea/cs)
202-37716(please login)
Jet Lube 35 # Alco-EP 73 Plus Pail (1ea)
202-47102(please login)
Jet-Lube 1/2lb 550 Extreme no metalic anti-seize w/brush top (12ea/cs)
202-47104(please login)
Jet-Lube 1 lb 550 Extreme non- metalic anti-seize w/brush top (12ea/cs)
202-49702(please login)
Jet-Lube 1/2 lb Anti-seize Marine grade w/brush top (12ea/cs)
202-61442(please login)
Jet-Lube 14oz Degreaser Clean Up II aerosol can (12ea/cs)
202-61542(please login)
Jet-Lube 18oz Degreaser Clean- Up aerosol can (12ea/cs)
202-63050(please login)
Jet-Lube #2 Marine MP purple water-resistant grease 14oz cartridge (10ea)(30cs)
202-65005(please login)
Jet-Lube Marinemoly plug top (12ea/cs)
202-65041(please login)
Jet-Lube 12oz Marine moly lube aerosol (12ea)
202-69916(please login)
Jet-Lube 40lb silver plus anti -seize metalic (1pail)
202-69923(please login)
Jet Lube 1gal Silver plus reg. metallic anti-seize 8# (1gal)
202-73550(please login)
Jet Lube 14oz Silicone DM dielectric grease -70 to 400 degree F (10ea)
202-73560(please login)
Jet Lube 5oz tube silicone (12ea/cs)
202-78816(please login)
Jet Lube 5gal Korr-guard storage compound (1ea)
202-78829(please login)
Jet Lube 50gal Korr-guard storage compound (1dr)
202-90522(please login)
Jet-Lube Ezy-Turn #2 gate/plug valve body fill lube 1gal pail (4gal/p/cs)
202-90582(please login)
Jet-Lube Ezy-Turn #2 K stick (1cs=36ea)
202-92082(please login)
Jet-Lube #4 k-stick Ezy-Turn lubricant (36ea/cs)
202-93082(please login)
Jet-Lube EZY-Turn #3 K-stick plug & gate valve sealant (36pcs/cs)
202-93582(please login)
Jet-Lube Ezy-Turn #5 GP plug valve sealant K stick(36)
202-94581(please login)
Jet-Lube Ezy-Turn #8 J-stick ball & plug valve sealant w/ ground PTFE (1cs/36cs)
202-98920(please login)
Jet-Lube Ezy-Open Liquid valve pentrant (5gal/pail)

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