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Hoists, Jacks & Equipment
Hand Chain Hoist S90-100 Series
  • Light duty – industrial

  • Dual pawl brake system

  • Alloy steel hooks

  • Grade 80 alloy chain

  • All steel construction

  • Compact design

113-101900(please login)
1/2 Ton 10' Lift Hand Chain Hoist S90-50-10 (1 ea)
113-101910(please login)
1 Ton 10' Lift Hand Chain Hoist S90-100-10 (1 ea)
113-101911(please login)
1 Ton 15' Lift Hand Chain Hoist S90-100-15 (1 ea)
113-101920(please login)
1.5 Ton 10' Lift Hand Chain Hoist S90-150-10 (1 ea)
113-101921(please login)
1.5 Ton 15' Lift Hand Chain Hoist S90-150-15 (1 ea)
Lever Hoist - JLH Series
  • Fused brake system

  • Offset handle design

  • Easy free chain design

  • Lifetime replacement warranty

  • Slip clutch style overload protection

113-181210(please login)
1/4 Ton 10' Lift Lever Hoist JLH-25-10 (1 ea)
113-181505(please login)
1/2 Ton 5' Lift Lever Hoist JLH-50-5 (1 ea)
113-376201(please login)
1 Ton Lever Hoist 10' Lift JLH-100WO-10 (1 ea)
113-376202(please login)
1 Ton Lever Hoist 15' Lift JLH-100WO-15 (1 ea)
113-376203(please login)
1 Ton Lever Hoist 20' Lift JLH-100WO-20 (1 ea)
113-376300(please login)
1 Ton Lever Hoist 5'lift JLH-150WO-5 (1 ea)
113-376301(please login)
1.5 Ton Lever Hoist 10' Lift JLH-150WO-10 (1 ea)
113-376302(please login)
1.5 Ton Lever Hoist 15' Lift JLH-150WO-15 (1 ea)
Lever Hoist - JLP Series
  • Brake Wear Indicator

  • Weston style double ratchet pawl brake design

  • Industrial rated alloy steel hooks rotate 360°

113-287201(please login)
1/2 Ton 10' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-050A-10 (1 ea)
113-287402(please login)
1/2 Ton 15' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-150A-15 (1 ea)
113-287301(please login)
3/4 Ton 10' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-075A-10 (1 ea)
113-287302(please login)
3/4 Ton 15' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-075A-15 (1 ea)
113-287400(please login)
1.5 Ton 5' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-150A-5 (1 ea)
113-287401(please login)
1.5 Ton 10' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-150A-10 (1 ea)
113-287403(please login)
1.5 Ton 20' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-150A-20 (1 ea)
  • Dual pawl brake system

  • Alloy steel hooks

  • Grade 80 alloy chain

  • Available in ¼ to 6 ton capacity

  • Lifts from 5’ to 20’

  • Needle bearing design

113-287501(please login)
3 Ton 10' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-300A-10 (1 ea)
1/4 Ton Mini Puller - JLP-A
  • Industrial rated alloy steel hooks

  • Weston Style, double pawl brake design

  • Hooks rotate 360 degrees for easy rigging

  • Durability

113-287100(please login)
1/4 Ton 5' Lift Lever Hoist JLP-025A-5 (1 ea)
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Impact Wrench - R6 Series
  • Pin clutch impact

  • Lightweight aluminum construction

  • One-hand forward/reverse button

  • 50-200ft/lbs working torque

  • Uses 3/8” air hose

113-505102(please login)
1/2" Impact Wrench R6 250' lbs Torque JAT-102 (1 ea)
Ratchet Wrench - R6 Series
  • Steel ball retainers

  • Hardened steel gears

  • Variable-speed control

  • Ball bearing construction throughout

113-505301(please login)
3/8" Ratchet Wrench R6 50' lbs Torque JAT-301 (1 ea)
Die Grinder - R6 Series
  • Use 3/8” air hose

  • Rugged ball-bearing design

  • Lightweight aluminum construction

  • Variable-speed throttle w/safety lock

113-505401(please login)
R6 Die Grinder 23,000 RPM JAT-401 (1 ea)
1/4" Right Angle Die Grinder
  • Right-angle head design

  • Safety throttle lock prevents engagement

  • Variable-speed throttle ramps up to maximum RPM

  • Sealed ball bearing design keeps out contaminants promoting smooth operation

113-505403(please login)
1/4" Right Angle Die Grinder R6 23,000 RPM JAT-403 (1 ea)
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1/4" Extended Die Grinder
  • Safety throttle lock

  • Sealed ball bearing design

  • Extended design for additional reach

  • Variable-speed throttle ramps to maximum RPM

113-505402(please login)
1/4" Die Grinder Extended R6 JAT-402 (1 ea)
19 pc Needle Set
  • 3mm x 180mm replacement needles

  • Replacement set for Needle Scaler – R8 Series

113-N307(please login)
19 pc Needle Set for A 505800 Scaler (1 ea)
Bench Grinder - JBG Series


  • Large eye shields

  • 2 - 1 piece tool rest

  • Cast iron wheel guards

  • Fine & coarse grinding wheels

113-577101(please login)
6" JBG-6A Bench Grinder 1 PH-2 HP-115V (1 ea)
113-577102(please login)
8" JBG-8A Bench Grinder 1 PH-1 HP-115 V-3 (1 ea)
113-577103(please login)
10" JBG-10A Bench Grinder 1 PH-1-1/2 HP-115 V (1 ea)
Industrial Combo Belt & Disc Finishing Machine
  • Belt operates at any angle

  • Fully machined, balanced disc

  • Removable upper belt guard for contour finishing

  • Plain and compound miters are easily obtained by using the standard die cast aluminum miter gauge

113-414552(please login)
Industrial Combo Belt & 12" Disc J-4200A (1 ea)
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*Lever Hoist - JLH
  • Patented fused brake design

  • Alloy steel hooks

  • Grade 100 alloy chain

  • Heat treated lead plates

  • All steel construction

  • Caged needle bearing design

  • Hd safety latches

113-275050(please login)
3/4 ton Lever Hoist 5' Lift JLH-80-5 (1 ea)
113-210050(please login)
1 ton Lever Hoist 5' Lift JLH-100-5 (1 ea)
113-215005(please login)
1 ton Lever Hoist 5'lift JLH-160-5 (1 ea)
113-225005(please login)
2.5 ton Lever Hoist 5' Lift JLH-250-5 (1 ea)
113-230005(please login)
3 ton Lever Hoist 5' Lift JLH-320-5 (1 ea)
*Hand Chain Hoist L-100 Series
  • Patented fused brake system

  • Available in ¼” to 20 ton capacity

  • Comes in standard lift of: 10,15,20 & 30 ft

  • Alloy steel hooks

  • Grade 100 alloy chain

  • All steel constrution

113-106210(please login)
1/2 ton Hand Chain Hoist 10' Lift L-100-50-10 (1 ea)
113-101210(please login)
1 ton Hand Chain Hoist 10' Lift L-100-100-10 (1 ea)
113-101215(please login)
1 ton Hand Chain Hoist 15' Lift L-100-100-15 (1 ea)
113-101615(please login)
1.5 ton Hand Chain Hoist 15' Lift L-100-150-15 (1 ea)
113-102215(please login)
2 ton Hand Chain Hoist 15' Lift L-100-200-15 (1 ea)
113-103210(please login)
3 ton Hand Chain Hoist 10' Lift L-100-300-10 (1 ea)
113-103220(please login)
3 ton Hand Chain Hoist 20' Lift L-100-300-20 (1 ea)
*3/8" Reversible Air Drill - 505610
  • Top-mounted forward/reverse switch

  • For daily use, 8 hours in demanding applications

  • Ergonomically designed grip absorbs vibration

  • Sealed Ball bearing design keeps out contaminants

113-505610(please login)
3/8" Reversible Air Drill R8 Series JAT-610 (1 ea)
*Pallet Jack - PTW Series - 140172
  • 6,000 lbs capacity

  • 200° turning radius

  • 20 1/2” x 48” pallet jack

  • Smooth, special lowering valve for controlled descent

  • 7” poly-over-aluminum steer wheels

113-140172(please login)
20-1/2" x 48" Jack 6,000 lb cap. PTW-2048 (1 ea)
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*Pallet Jack - J Series - 151009
  • 2-1/2” low profile

  • 5,000 lbs capacity

  • 180° turning radius

  • 27” x 48” pallet jack

  • Powder-coat finish

  • Welded all-steel frame

113-151009(please login)
27" x 48" Hand Pallet Jack 5,000 lb PT-2748J (1 ea)
*Hand Chain Hoist - 201115
113-201115(please login)
1.5 Ton 15' Lift Hand Chain Hoist L100-150Wo-15 (1 ea)
*Replacement Part - JSJ3M-07
113-JSJ3M-07(please login)
Replacement Part (1 ea)
113-101901(please login)
Jet 1/2ton 15' lift Hand chain hoist S90-50-15 series (1ea)
113-101902(please login)
Jet 1/2ton 20' lift Hand chain hoist S90-50-20 series (1ea)
113-101912(please login)
Jet 1ton 20' lift Hand chain hoist S90-100-20 series (1ea)
113-101930(please login)
Jet 2ton 10' lift Hand chain hoist S200-150-10 series (1ea)
113-101931(please login)
Jet 2ton 15' lift Hand chain hoist S200-150-15 series (1ea)
113-101933(please login)
Jet 2ton 30' lift Hand chain hoist S90-200-30 series (1ea)
113-101940(please login)
Jet 3ton 10' lift Hand chain hoist S90-300-10 series (1ea)
113-101942(please login)
Jet 3ton 20' lift Hand chain hoist S90-300-20 series (1ea)
113-101950(please login)
Jet 5ton 10' lift Hand chain hoist S90-500-10 series (1ea)
113-111000(please login)
Jet 1ton x 10' lift elec.chain hoist 115v/230v pre-wired 1SS-1C-10 (1ea)
113-141172(please login)
Jet 20-1/2"x48"6000lb pallet jack #PTW-2048A (1ea)
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113-141800(please login)
Jet 27"x 48" Hand pallet jack 8,000 lb cap. JTX-2748A (1ea)
113-181205(please login)
Jet 1/4ton 5'lift Lever hoist compact JLH-25-5 series (1ea)
113-181510(please login)
Jet 1/2ton 10'lift Lever hoist compact JLH-50-10 series (1ea)
113-185015(please login)
Jet 1/2ton Elec Trolley Hoist 15' lift 1PH/3PH 230V (1ea)
113-207115(please login)
Jet 3ton 15' lift Hand chain hoist L-100-300WO-15 series (1ea)
113-211000(please login)
Jet 2ton 10' lift elec.hoist single phase 115/230v (1ea)
113-212000(please login)
Jet 2ton 20' lift elec.hoist single phase 115/230v (1ea)
113-252005(please login)
Jet 1/2ton Manual Trolly (1ea)
113-252030(please login)
Jet 3ton Manual Trolly (1ea)
113-262030(please login)
Jet HD 3ton manual trolley 4-8in beam (1ea)
113-287101(please login)
Jet 1/4ton 10'Lift lever hoist JLP-025A-10 mini-hoist (1ea)
113-287102(please login)
Jet 1/4ton 15'Lift lever hoist JLP-025A-15 series (1ea)
113-287200(please login)
Jet 1/2ton 5' Lift lever hoist JLP-050A-5 mini-hoist (1ea)
113-287303(please login)
Jet 3/4ton 20'lift Lever hoist JLP-075A-20 series (1ea)
113-287503(please login)
Jet 3ton 20' lift Lever hoist JLP-300A-20 series (1ea)
113-287601(please login)
Jet 6ton 10' lift Lever hoist JLP-600A-10 series (1ea)
113-354170(please login)
Jet 20" Floor Drill Press 115/230V 1Ph (JDP-20MF) (1ea)
113-354400(please login)
Jet 15" Floor Drill Press J-2500 115/230V 1Ph (1ea)
113-354402(please login)
Jet 20in floor model drill press 1HP 115V 1PH (1ea)
113-376303(please login)
Jet 1.5ton 20'lift Lever hoist JLH series overload protection (1ea)
113-414468(please login)
Jet HBS-916W, 9"x16" Horizonal bandsaw, 115/230V 1ph (1ea)
113-414500(please login)
Jet 14" Vertical Bandsaw metal /wood cutting J-8201K (1ea)
113-441305(please login)
Jet 5 ton Screw jack (1ea)
113-453308(please login)
Jet 8ton HD Hyd bottle jack JHJ-8 series (1ea)
113-453312(please login)
Jet 12.5ton HD Hyd bottle jack JHJ 12-1/2 series (1ea)
113-453313K(please login)
Jet 12.5ton HD Low profile hyd bottle jack JHJ-12-1/2L series (1ea)
113-453322(please login)
Jet 22.5ton HD Hyd bottle jack JHJ 22-1/2 series (1ea)
113-505105(please login)
Jet 3/4" Impact wrench 1500ft lbs torque JAT-105 (1ea)
113-505451(please login)
Jet 5" R8 Angle grinder 12,000rpm JAT-451 (1ea)
113-505601(please login)
Jet JAT-601 1/2" air drill reversible aluminum 800 rpm
113-505620(please login)
Jet 3/8" Rev. Air drill R12 1800rpm JAT-620 series (1ea)
113-505801(please login)
Jet R8 4,000bpm Needle scaler JAT801series w/ball lck retanr (1ea)
113-5507580(please login)
Jet drill chuck w/key f/354402 drill press (1ea)
113-5512103(please login)
Jet 2223VS pump coolant 220/440V 3P (1ea)
113-561704(please login)
Jet JT-3 Taper Mount Drill Chuck (1ea)
113-5782722(please login)
Jet repl. bandsaw blade 3/8x.025x93-1/2 (1ea)
113-708447(please login)
Jet 6" Oscillating Edge Sander model OES-80CS 115/230V (1ea)
113-714400K(please login)
Jet 14" Band saw JWBS-14SFX (1ea) DROP SHIP ITEM!
113-CS275-41(please login)
Jet Carbide HSS Cold saw blade 275mm x 32mm (1ea)
113-HVBS462-047(please login)
Jet Spring f/HVBS-56M (1ea)
113-HVBS462-110(please login)
Jet Motor pulley cover f/HVBS-65M bandsaw (1ea)
113-HVBS56M-380(please login)
Jet Cover blade back safety f/HVBS-56M (1ea)
113-JBG10A-28(please login)
Jet RH Tool Rest for/10" Bench grinder # 577103 (1ea)
113-JBG8A-27(please login)
Jet Left Tool rest f/bench grinder (1ea)
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113-JBG8A-28(please login)
Jet Right Tool rest f/bench grinder (1ea)
113-JBG8A-50(please login)
Jet Left eye shield f/bench grinder (1ea)
113-JBG8A-51(please login)
Jet Right eye shield f/bench grinder (1ea)
113-JLH100-40-1(please login)
Jet 1ton Upper hook assembly (part) (1ea)
113-JLP150A-49(please login)
Jet 1.5ton Bottom hook assmbly f/ JPL150A-5 hoist (1ea)
113-JLP75-40(please login)
Jet 3/4ton Upper hook assebly (1ea)
113-JLP75-43(please login)
Jet 3/4ton Bottom hook assmbly (1ea)
113-PT2036-1-1(please login)
Jet Pallet jack replace hdle assembly (1ea)

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