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Flat File
  • Great for “hogging” or rapid stock removal

  • Double cut on both sides, single cut on the edges

  • Exclusive “wavy tooth” design

106-73-232000(please login)
8" Flat File - Bastard
106-73-234000(please login)
10" Flat File - Bastard
106-73-236000(please login)
12" Flat File - Bastard
106-73-238000(please login)
14" Flat File - Bastard
106-73-235000(please login)
10" Flat File - Smooth
106-73-237000(please login)
12" Flat File - Smooth
106-73-239000(please login)
14" Flat File - Smooth
106-73-230000(please login)
6" Flat File - 2nd Cut
106-73-234500(please login)
10" Flat File - 2nd Cut
106-73-236500(please login)
12" Flat File - 2nd Cut
Half Round File
  • Great for rounding out holes, corners & crevices

  • Double cut on both sides

  • Built-in “twist & roll” action on the half round side

106-73-319000(please login)
8" Half Round File - Bastard
106-73-321000(please login)
10" Half Round File - Bastard
106-73-323000(please login)
12" Half Round File - Bastard
106-73-325000(please login)
14" Half Round File - Bastard
106-73-321500(please login)
10" Half Round File - 2nd Cut
106-73-323500(please login)
12" Half Round File - 2nd Cut
Half Round Pipeliner
  • A 14" Half Round File

  • Double cut on both sides

  • Featuring a built-in "twist & roll" action on the half round side produced by the Simonds "spiral cut" design and the exclusive "wavy tooth" design on the flat side

106-73-756060(please login)
14" Half Round Pipeliner
Round File
  • Intended for enlarging and rounding out circular openings or concave surfaces

  • Round Files are double cut and taper toward the point in width and thickness

106-73-398500(please login)
8" Round File - Bastard
106-73-400500(please login)
10" Round File - Bastard
106-73-402500(please login)
12" Round File - Bastard
106-73-399000(please login)
8" Round File - 2nd Cut
106-73-401000(please login)
10" Round File - 2nd Cut
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Mill File
  • Excellent for a wide range of applications such as sharpening, draw filing, lathe work and general shop use

  • Mill Files are single cut on the sides and edges, and taper towards the point in width

106-73-143000(please login)
6" Mill File - Bastard
106-73-145500(please login)
8" Mill File - Bastard
106-73-147500(please login)
10" Mill File - Bastard
106-73-149500(please login)
12" Mill File - Bastard
106-73-151500(please login)
14" Mill File - Bastard
106-73-396000(please login)
6" Mill File - Bastard
106-73-148500(please login)
10" Mill File - Smooth
106-73-150500(please login)
12" Mill File - Smooth
106-73-146000(please login)
8" Mill File - 2nd Cut
106-73-150000(please login)
12" Mill File - 2nd Cut
Taper File
  • Designed for filing all types of saws with 60° angle teeth

  • Taper Saw Files are triangular in shape, have cut edges and taper toward the point in width and thickness

106-73-549500(please login)
6" Taper File - Extra Slim
106-73-537000(please login)
6" Taper File - Slim
106-73-538000(please login)
8" Taper File - Slim
106-73-538500(please login)
10" Taper File - Slim
106-73-562500(please login)
7" Taper File - Double Cut Extra Slim
106-73-563000(please login)
8" Taper File - Double Cut Extra Slim
Three Square File
  • Excellent for cleaning out corners or for use on cutters, taps and flat surfaces

  • Three Square Files are double cut and taper toward the point in width and thickness, and feature the exclusive "wavy tooth" design

106-73-516500(please login)
6" Three Square File - Bastard
106-73-518000(please login)
8" Three Square File - Bastard
106-73-519500(please login)
10" Three Square File - Bastard
5 pc General Purpose Set
  • Includes: 8” Mill Bastard, 8” Square Bastard, 8” Round Bastard, 8-1/2” Round Bastard, 8” Multi-Kit, Canvas Pouch

106-72-759230(please login)
5 pc 8" General Purpose File Set
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9 Pc General Purpose Set
  • Includes: 10” Flat Bastard, 10” ½ Round Bastard, 10” Round Bastard, 10” Mill Bastard, 10” Square Bastard, 10” Flat Smooth, 10” Hobby Rasp, 7” Slim Taper, File Card Cleaner, 1 Canvas Pouch

106-72-759250(please login)
9 pc 10" General Purpose File Set
5pc Assorted Black Maxi-Sharp Kit
  • Includes: 8” Mill Bastard, 8-1/2” Round Bastard, 8” Multi-Kut,

8” Square Bastard, 8” Round Bastard, 1 Plastic Pouch

106-78-757010(please login)
5 pc 8" Assorted Black Maxi-Sharp File Kit
File Handle
  • Threaded insert

  • Easy on and easy off

  • Reusable and long lasting

106-73-992600(please login)
6" Wooden File Handle
106-73-992700(please login)
8" Wooden File Handle
106-73-992800(please login)
10" Wooden File Handle
106-73-992900(please login)
12" Wooden File Handle
106-73-992950(please login)
14" Wooden File Handle
*Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades - 64-364908
106-64-364908(please login)
13' x 11" x 1" x 5" 8 TPI Bandsaw Blade
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*Bi-Metal Bandsaw Blades - 64-512000
106-64-512000(please login)
12' x 6" x 1/2" 14 TPI Bandsaw Blade
106-73-101000(please login)
Simonds 5in tungsten point file (12ea)
106-73-141500(please login)
Simonds 4" Smooth file (12ea)
106-73-146500(please login)
Simonds 8in mill smooth file (12ea)
106-73-148000(please login)
Simonds 10in 2nd cut mill file (12ea)
106-73-152500(please login)
Simonds 14in mill smooth file (12ea)
106-73-228000(please login)
Simonds 4in Smooth Flat (12ea)
106-73-229500(please login)
Simonds 6in flat bastard file (12ea)
106-73-230500(please login)
Simonds 6in flat smooth file (12ea)
106-73-232500(please login)
Simonds 8in 2nd cut flat file (12ea)
106-73-233000(please login)
Simonds 8in flat smooth file (12ea)
106-73-244000(please login)
Simonds 12" MultiKut Flat file american pattern (6ea)
106-73-244500(please login)
Simonds 14in flat multi-kut (6ea)
106-73-317000(please login)
Simonds 6in half round bastard (12ea)
106-73-318000(please login)
Simonds 6in half round smooth (12ea)
106-73-319500(please login)
Simonds 8in half round 2nd cut file (12ea)
106-73-320000(please login)
Simonds 8in half round smooth file (12ea)
106-73-322000(please login)
Simonds 10in half round smooth file (12ea)
106-73-324000(please login)
Simonds 12in half round smooth file (6ea)
106-73-397000(please login)
Simonds 6in round smooth (12ea)
106-73-399500(please login)
Simonds 8in smooth round file (12ea)
106-73-401500(please login)
Simonds 10in round smooth file (12ea)
106-73-403000(please login)
Simonds 12in 2nd cut round file (6ea)
106-73-403500(please login)
Simonds 12in round smooth file (6ea)
106-73-434000(please login)
Simonds 12" Bastard cut square 4 side file (6ea)
106-73-501500(please login)
Simonds 8in knife bastard file (12ea)
106-73-503000(please login)
Simonds 10in knife bastard file (12ea)
106-73-504000(please login)
Simonds 10in knife smooth (12ea)
106-73-518500(please login)
Simonds 8in second cut three square file (12ea)
106-73-519000(please login)
Simonds 8in smooth three square file (12ea)
106-73-520000(please login)
Simonds 10in three square 2nd cut (12ea)
106-73-520500(please login)
Simonds 10in three sq dbl cut smooth (12ea)
106-73-535500(please login)
Simonds 4in single cut slim taper (12ea)
106-73-550500(please login)
Simonds 8in single cut ex-slim tapersaw (12ea)
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106-73-553500(please login)
Simonds 7in ex slim taper double cut file (12ea)
106-73-562000(please login)
Simonds 6in taper,dbl extra slim file (12ea)
106-73-565000(please login)
Simonds 7in dbl cut dbl ex-slim taper file (12ea)
106-73-740910(please login)
Simonds 8in x 1/4in chain saw round file (12ea)
106-84-260500(please login)
Simonds 6in extra narrow pillar (12ea)
106-84-369000(please login)
Simonds 6in equalling file (12ea)

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