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Fall Potection Equipment
CenturionZ Snaphook
  • Fall-rated zsnaphook

  • Double locking snap hook

  • 3/4-inches gate opening

090-13101(please login)
6-1/4" x 2-1/2" Z Snap Locking Snap Hook
CenturionZ Rebar Form Snaphook
  • Fall-rated snaphook

  • Double locking snap hook

  • 2-1/2-inches gate opening

090-13218(please login)
9-1/2"x 5" Z Rebar Auto Lock Snap Hook
CenturionZ Swivel Snaphook
  • Auto-Lock

  • Fall-Rated

  • Fall Indicator

090-13321(please login)
7-1/2" x 2-3/8" Z Snap Swivel Auto Lock Snap Hook
Carabiner 17426
  • Steel Auto-Twist Lock Carabiner with Roll-Pin

  • Fall rated

  • 3600 lb

  • ANSI Z359.1-2007 compliant

090-17426(please login)
1/2" x 8-5/8" x 5-5/8" Auto Twist Carabiner
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Carabiner 17443
  • Steel Auto-Twist Lock Carabiner with Roll-Pin

  • Fall rated

  • 3600 lb

  • ANSI Z359.1-2007 compliant

090-17443(please login)
1-2" x 4-7/8" x 3-1/8" Auto Twist Carabiner
Carabiner - 17460
  • Carabiner with pin

  • 1-1/8" gate opening

  • 7-1/8" x 4-1/2" x 1-1/8"

090-17460(please login)
1-1/8" Gate Opening Carabiner w/Pin
Nylon Rope Lanyard - Z Snap Hooks
  • 3/4" centurion auto-lock snaphook at each end

  • 3600 lb. (3.6M) Gate

  • ANSI Z359.1-2007 compliant

090-28013(please login)
1/2" x 3' CenturionZ Rope Lanyard Z Snap Hooks
Adjustable Web Lanyard
  • Centurion Adj Web Lanyard

  • Zsnap hook

  • ANSI Z359.1-2007 compliant

090-29910(please login)
1" x 10' Adjustable Web Lanyard
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CenturionZ Series ZORBER Lanyard
  • Energy absorbing Nylon Web Lanyard

  • 2 Zsnaphooks

  • 1 Zrebarhook, 3600 lb Gate

090-36357(please login)
1" x 6' Zorber Web Lanyard w/Z Rebar Hooks
Centurionz Web Lanyard - 29024
  • 1" x 4'

  • Nylon Web

  • Legs: Single

  • Connectors: Centurion Zsnap hook each end

  • Positioning

090-29024(please login)
1" x 4' Centurion Web Lanyard w/Zsnaphooks
Centurion Lanyard - 29510
  • Centurion Lanyard

  • 1" x 10'

  • adjustable

  • snap hooks each end

090-29510(please login)
1" x 10' Centurion Lanyard
Rebar Chain Assembly
  • 25-1/2” w/ adjuster

  • 2 Snap hooks

  • Swivel rebar hook

  • 3.6M Gate

090-13425(please login)
2 Leg/Chain Z Rebar Assembly w/Swivel each Leg
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Rebar Web Assembly
  • 1” x 18” Assembly

  • 2- Zsnap swivel hooks

  • 3.6M Gate

090-29761(please login)
1" x 18" Rebar Web Chain Assembly
Poly/propl Rope Lifeline
  • CP Plus Lifeline

  • Zsnap hooks each end

  • ANSI Z359.1-2007 compliant

090-49811(please login)
5/8" X 25' Lifeline Poly/Propl Rope
Nylon Rope Lifeline
  • Lifeline with Zsnaphook on each end

  • Made of nylon

  • 3600 lbs gate

090-34125(please login)
5/8" x 25' Nylon Rope Lifeline - Zsnap Ends
Nylon Rope Lifeline - 34150
  • 5/8" x 50'

  • Nylon Rope

  • Connectors: Zsnap hookhook on each end

090-34150(please login)
5/8" x 50' Nylon Rope Lifeline
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Lifeline Snaphook
  • Zsnap Hook

  • Thimble Eye and Zsnaphook

090-49823(please login)
5/8" x 75' Lifeline Snaphook - Thimble Eye End
090-49825(please login)
5/8" x 150' Lifeline Snaphook/Thimble Eye End
CP+ Lifeline Zsnap Hook & Thimble Eye
  • 5/8" x 25' CP+™ Rope

  • Polyester/Polypropylene Rope

  • Connectors: Snaphook, Thimble Eye

090-49821(please login)
5/8" x 25' Lifeline Snaphook/Thimble Eye End
Lifeline Rope - 49822
  • 5/8" Diameter x 50' Length

  • Polyester/Polypropylene

  • Snaphook & Thimble Eye Connector

090-49822(please login)
5/8" x 50' Lifeline Rope Snaphook/Thimble Eye End
Universal TB Harness
  • One size fits all

  • Shoulder strap adjusters

  • Polyester and nylon

  • Range 130 to 350 pounds

090-42359(please login)
3 D-Ring Medium-2XL Universal Harness
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Eagle Lite Harness
  • 3D rings at back & hips

  • Padded shoulders

  • 6” Padded backpad

  • Removable tool belt

  • Polyester and nylon

  • Classification Class A & Class P

090-62316(please login)
3D-Ring Eagle-Lite 3XL Harness
Oil Rigger PS Harness - 67472-67475
  • Aluminum quick-connect on chest

  • Tongue buckle leg straps

  • 14 - 16" Aluminum bar in seat

  • 4 D-rings: 1- 12" Extended D-ring at center of back

  • Material: Nylon Polyester Webbing, Nylon Polyester Thread, Aluminum

090-67472(please login)
Oil Rigger PS Harness - M
090-67473(please login)
Oil Rigger PS Harness - L
090-67474(please login)
Oil Rigger PS Harness - XL
090-67475(please login)
Oil Rigger PS Harness - 2XL
Oil Rigger Harness Kit
  • 4D Rings

  • 4” Backpad @ waist & saddle

  • Carry All bag

090-76471(please login)
12" Extended D-Ring Small Oil Rigger Harness
090-76472(please login)
12" Extended D-Ring Medium Oil Rigger Harness
090-76473(please login)
12" Extended D-Ring Large Oil Rigger Harness
090-76474(please login)
12" Extended D-Ring XL Oil Rigger Harness
090-76475(please login)
12" Extended D-Ring 2XL Oil Rigger Harness
090-76476(please login)
12" Extended D-Ring 3XL Oil Rigger Harness
Centurionz Adjustable Web Lanyard - 29506
  • 1" x 6'

  • Nylon Web

  • Legs: Single

  • Centurion Zsnap hook each end

  • Adjustable from 3'-6'

090-29506(please login)
1" x 6' Centurionz Adjustable Web Lanyard
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Nopac Lanyard - 35386
  • 1-1/2" x 6'

  • Polyester Web

  • Legs: Twin

  • Connectors: Snaphook, Zrebar

090-35386(please login)
1-1/4" x 6' Twin Leg Web Lanyard
Zorber Energy Absorbing Web Lanyard - 36263
  • Zorber® 1' x 3'

  • Centurionz Web

  • Zsnap hooks on each end

090-36263(please login)
1" x 3' Zorber Energy Absorbing Web Lanyard
Zorber Energy Absorbing Web Lanyard - 36267
  • Zorber® 1" x 6' CenturionZ Web

  • Twin Leg

  • Zsnap hooks each ends

090-36267(please login)
1" x 6" Zorber Energy Absorbing Web Lanyard
Workmaster Harness - 75301
  • Three D-rings: at back and hips

  • Mating buckle on chest strap

  • Tongue buckles on leg straps

  • Shoulder adjusters, padded shoulders

  • Removable tool belt

  • 4" flexible backpad

090-75301(please login)
Workmaster Harness - Small
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090-01554(please login)
Elk River XL Eagle Platinum series black belt (1ea)
090-05003(please login)
Elk River roofers fall prot kit (1ea)
090-11306(please login)
Elk River 1/4x6' Cable lanyard (1ea)
090-13180(please login)
Elk River caribeaner steel lock (6ea)
090-13329(please login)
Elk River 11-1/2" Swivel rebar snap hook 2-1/4 gate opening Centurion Z (1ea)
090-13616(please login)
Elk River 6ft cable sling (1ea)
090-13622(please login)
Elk River Pos. Cable 1/4in x12ft (1ea)
090-17420(please login)
Elk River 2" Gate opeining Carabiner w/pin (1ea)
090-17435(please login)
Elk River caribeaner steel safety lock (1ea)
090-17451(please login)
Elk River auto-twist lock 3/4in gate carabiner (1ea)
090-26773(please login)
Elk River 1-3/4in x3ft EZE-Man triangle D-Ring sling (12ea)
090-28014(please login)
Elk River 1/2"x4' Rope lanyard CenturionZ snap hook on es end (24ea)
090-28016(please login)
*Elk River 1/2"x6' Rope lanyard positioning w/Zsnap hook on each end (1ea) (12cs)
090-29026(please login)
Elk River 1"x 6' Centurion web lanyard w/ Zsnaphooks (1ea)
090-29745(please login)
Elk River Rebar web chain assy (1ea)
090-34200(please login)
Elk River 5/8" x 100' lifeline nylon zsnap each end (3ea)
090-36266(please login)
Elk River 1" x 6' Web lanyard Zorber snap hook on each end (12ea)
090-36527(please login)
Elk River 1" x 6' Web Lanyard Zorber adjustable w/Zsnaphooks on each end (1ea)(12cs)
090-36926(please login)
Elk River choker tie-back 6 ft x 1" web energy absorbing lanyard (1ea)
090-42559(please login)
Elk River 5-Dring uviv harness fits M-2XL poly/nylon (12ea)
090-48303(please login)
Elk River Construction Plus harness (12ea)
090-49812(please login)
Elk River 5/8in x50ft lifeline Zsnaphook each end 3.6M gate (6ea)
090-55304(please login)
Elk River Freedom harness 3-D ring (12ea)
090-62313(please login)
Elk River 3D Ring LG EagleLite series harness w/6" backpad (1ea)
090-62315(please login)
Elk River 3D Rng 2XL EagleLite series harness w/6" backpad (1ea)
090-67313(please login)
Elk River 3Dring Ravenex PS harness large (1ea)
090-67633(please login)
Elk River 6DRing Lg Harness w/seat poly/nyl Peregrine Plat series (1ea)
090-75302(please login)
Elk River 3D Ring M WorkMaster series harness w/4"flex back pad (1ea)
090-75303(please login)
Elk River 3D Ring L WorkMaster series harness w/4"flex back pad (1ea)
090-75304(please login)
Elk River 3D Ring XLWorkMaster series harness w/4"flex back pad (1ea)
090-75335(please login)
Elk River 3D Rng 2XLWorkMaster series harness w/4"flex back pad (1ea)
090-75336(please login)
Elk River 3D Rng 3XLWorkmaster series harness w/4" flex back pad (1ea)
090-75337(please login)
Elk River 4D Rng 4XLWorkmaster series harness w/4"flex back pad (1ea)

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