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Pipe Wrap and Primer, Electrical Tape, Respirators
Fiberglass Repair Kits
Temflex Cotton Friction Tape 1755
  • Wire bundling

  • Abrasion resistance

  • High grade friction tape

  • Abrasion protection for splices & connections

037-57173(please login)
#1755 3/4" x 60' Black Friction Temflex Tape
Rubber Splicing Tape
  • 3/4" x 22’ x .030”

  • Self-fusing rubber splicing tape

  • Flexible over a wide temperature range

  • Compatible with solid dielectric cable insulations

037-2155(please login)
3/4" x 22' Temflex Rubber Splicing Tape
Scotch Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape
  • Highly conformable, rubber-resin adhesive

  • Self-fusing, ethylene propylene, rubber backing

  • Moisture seal and void-free buildups

037-41717(please login)
3/4" x 30' Linerless Rubber Splicing Tape
Super 33+ Vinyl Electrical Tape
  • Black 7 mil tape

  • Insulation for splices up to 600v

  • Abrasion, corrosion, and UV-resistant

  • Flexibility of a PVC backing combined w/ electrical insulating properties

037-06132(please login)
#33+ 3/4" x 66' Electrical Tape Black
037-06133(please login)
#33+ 3/4" x 52' Electrical Tape Black
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Super 88 Premium Vinyl Electrical Tape
  • 8.5 mil black tape

  • Insulation for splices up to 600v

  • Better mechanical/abrasion resistance

  • Flexibility of a PVC backing combined w/electrical insulating properties

037-06143(please login)
#88 Super 3/4" x 66' Vinyl Electrical Tape Black
Temflex Vinyl Electrical Tape 1700
  • Conformable

  • 7 mil black tape

  • Flame retardant

  • Flexible, Stretchy

  • Commercial grade vinyl

037-69764(please login)
#1700 3/4" x 60' Vinyl Electrical Tape Temflex
Hook Fastener - SJ3402
  • Woven nylon hook fastener

  • Provides fast product assembly

  • No adhesive or liner allows for attaching by sewing or with hot melt or liquid adhesives

  • Alternative solution to zippers, screws, snaps, etc

037-86243(please login)
1" x 50 yd x 0.15 Black Hook Fastener Tape
Hook Fastener - SJ3527N
  • Woven nylon loop fastener

  • High performance rubber-based adhesive

  • Very good shear strength and bonds to a variety of substrates, including plastics

  • Alternative solution to zippers, screws, snaps, etc

037-86252(please login)
1" x 50 yd x 0.15 Black Loop Fastener Tape
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Scotchrap Pipe Tape
  • High-tack adhesives

  • Tough, polyvinyl chloride (PVC)

  • Resist corrosion above and below ground

037-10638(please login)
2" x 100' #50 Pipe Tape
037-10646(please login)
4" x 100' #50 Pipe Tape
037-15785(please login)
6" x 100' #50 Pipe Tape
Spray Adhesive - Multi-purpose
  • Transparent multi-purpose spray adhesive

  • Resists dripping or running in vertical applications

  • Aggressive tack provides high initial grab, with enough time to position materials

  • Sticks to: Cardboard; Ceramic; Fabric; Fiberglass; Foam; Glass; Leather; Metal; Paper; Plastic; Rubber; Vinyl; Wood

037-77(please login)
Super 77 Spray Adhesive Multipurpose 16.75 oz
Liquid Epox Coating
  • 2 Part liquid epoxy kit suitable for brushing used for patching pipe coatings

  • Each Part (Part A and Part B) comes in a quart can sized container

  • Can be used as a patch material, a girthweld coating, a stand-alone coating for pipe rehabilitation

037-17574(please login)
323 1 qt Blu-Green Liquid Epox Coating
Contact Adhesive - High Strength
  • Industrial strength

  • Precise spray control

  • Ideal for sealing plastic

  • Turn nozzle tip 90° for vertical applications

  • Bonds laminates, kick plates, polyethylene, polypropylene, and plastic lettering

037-90(please login)
#90 18 oz Spray Adhesive Hi-Strength
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High Power Brake Cleaner
  • Leaves no residue

  • High power general purpose degreaser

  • Helps eliminate disc brake squeal and chatter

  • Removes oil, grease, brake fluid and other contaminants from all types of brake assemblies

037-08880(please login)
14 oz High Power Brake Clean Non-Chlorinated
Scotchrap Pipe Primer
  • Quick-Drying

  • Non-Sag rubber base primer

  • Permeates metal surface pits & irregularities

037-42768(please login)
1 gal Pipe Wrap Primer
N95 Particulate Respirator - 8210V
  • Adjustable noseclip

  • Cushioning nose foam

  • Advanced electrostatic media

  • Cool Flow™ Valve helps keeps wearer cool

037-8210V(please login)
N95 Particulate Respirator (10/Box)
N95 Particulate Respirator - 8212
  • Adjustable noseclip

  • Cake resistant filter layers

  • NIOSH approved for at least 95% percent filtration efficiency against certain non-oil based particles

037-8212(please login)
N95 Particulate Respirator (10p/bx)
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N95 Particulate Respirator - Nuisance
  • Flame resistant

  • Fully adjustable straps

  • 3M™ CoolFlow™ valve

  • Comfortable foam faceseal

  • Reduces nuisance level of organic vapors

037-8214(please login)
N95 Particulate Respirator (10/Box)
N100 Particulate Respirator Exhaust Valve
  • Foam faceseal

  • 3M™ Cool Flow™ Valve

  • Advanced electrostatic media

  • Adjustable noseclip and straps

037-8233(please login)
N100 Particulate Respirator (20/Box)
Particulate Respirator
  • NIOSH approved

  • Braided headbands two-strap design

  • Adjustable M-noseclip reduces eyewear fogging

  • 3M Cool Flow Exhalation Valve reduces heat build-up inside the respirator

037-8511(please login)
N95 Particulate Respirator Disposable (10/Box)
N95 Particulate Respirator Exhaust Valve
  • Flame resistant

  • Braided head band

  • Adjustable M nose clip

  • 3M™ CoolFlow™ Valve

  • Economical option for welders

037-8515(please login)
N95 Particulate Respirator (10/Box)
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Half Facepiece Respirator
  • 6000 Series

  • Reusable respirator

  • Easy-to-adjust head straps

  • Comfortable and lightweight

  • Replaceable cartridges and filters

037-6100(please login)
Half Facepiece Respirator Reusable - Small
037-6200(please login)
Half Facepiece Respirator Reusable - Medium
037-6300(please login)
Half Facepiece Respirator Reusable - Large
Full Facepiece Reusable Respirator
  • 6000 Series

  • Large lens provides a wide field of view

  • 3M Cool Flow Valve makes breathing easier

  • Air-purifying and supplied air respirator modes

  • Center adapter directs exhaled breath downward

  • Lightweight well-balanced design and silicone faceseal

037-6800(please login)
Full Facepiece Respirator Reusable - Medium
037-6900(please login)
Full Facepiece Respirator Reusable - Large
6000 Series Head Harness
  • Approved 3M replacement part

  • Designed for 3M Full Facepieces 6000 Series

037-6897(please login)
6000 Series Respiratory Head Harness
P95 Particulate Filter

Use with the following:

  • 3M™ Respirators 5000 Series

  • 3M™ Cartridges 6000 Series

  • 3M™ Filter adapter 603 & retainer 501

037-5P71(please login)
Pre-filter f/6000 Series Respirator (10/Box)
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Organic Vapor Cartridge
  • Simple installation

  • Swept-back design

  • Enhanced field of view

037-6001(please login)
OV Cartridge for Respirator 6000 Series
Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge/Filter - 6003
  • NIOSH approved

  • Simple installation

  • Swept-back design

  • Enhanced field of view

037-6003(please login)
OV/Acid Gas Cartridge for 6000 Series Respirator
P100 Particulate Filter
  • Versatile protection

  • Advanced electrostatic media

  • Lightweight, easy breathing comfort

037-2091(please login)
Particulate Filter P100 6000 Series
Particulate Filter - Nuisance Level Acid Gas Relief
  • NIOSH approved

  • 99.97% filter efficiency

  • Protects against many oil and non-oil based particulate contaminants

  • Nuisance odor relief for acid gas

037-2096(please login)
Particulate Filter P100 6000 Series - Acid Gas Relief
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P100 Particulate Filter - OV Relief
  • Nuisance level organic vapor relief

  • Protection against many oil and non-oil based particulate contaminants

  • Works with many 3M™ half and full face pieces

037-2097(please login)
Particulate Filter P100 6000 Series - Nuisance Level OV Relief
Particulate Filter w/Nuisance Level OV Relief
  • Longer lasting and easier breathing

  • P100, nuisance organic vapor relief particulate filter

  • Nuisance odor relief for organic vapor levels below the Permissible Exposure Level (PEL)

037-2297(please login)
Particulate Filter P100 5000 Series - Nuisance Level OV Relief
Organic Vapor Cartridge/Filter
  • NIOSH approved

  • Simple installation

  • Swept-back design

  • Enhanced field of view

037-60921(please login)
OV Cartridge/Filter 6000 Series Respirator
Organic Vapor/Acid Gas Cartridge/Filter - 60923
  • NIOSH approved

  • Simple installation

  • Swept-back design

  • Enhanced field of view

037-60923(please login)
OV/Acid Gas Cart/Filter 6000 Series Respirator
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Filter Retainer
  • Color: Translucent white

  • 4” high x 8.5” long x 4.5” wide

  • Holds 3M filter 5N11 and 5P71

  • Works with: 3M Respirator 5000 Series, 3M Cartridges 6000 Series & 3M Filter Adapter 603

037-0501(please login)
Filter Retainer for 6000 Series Respirator
Particulate Filter - 5N11
  • NIOSH approved for environments containing certain non-oil-based particles

  • Use with 3M™ 603 Filter Holder and 3M™ 501 Retainer

  • Replaceable particle filter

037-5N11(please login)
N95 Particulate Filter for 5000 Respirator
Ear Plug - No Cord
  • Classic yellow

  • Flame-resistant

  • Moisture-resistant

  • Slow-recovery earplug foam

  • Noise Reduction Rating 29 dB

037-310-1001(please login)
29 db Ear Plug No Cord (200pr/Box)
E-A-R Push-Ins Corded Earplugs
  • Soft, flexible foam

  • Flexible stem

  • Includes Cord

037-318-1001(please login)
Push-ins Ear Plugs Corded Classic (100pr/Box)
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Cable Tie - 59274
  • 6/6 nylon with 18 lb tensile strength

  • UV weather resistant for outdoor use

  • Plenum rated, self-locking head & curved tip

037-59274(please login)
4" UV 18lb Black Cable Tie (10/pkg)
Cable Tie - 59313
  • Measures 0.3” x 15”

  • Curved tips offer faster threading & installation

  • Self-locking head assures locking in any position

037-59313(please login)
15" UV Black 120lb Cable Tie (2500cs)
Cable Tie - 59318
  • Measures 0.3” x 24”

  • Curved tips offer faster threading and installation

  • Self-locking head assures locking in any position

  • Secure wire bundles and harness components quickly

037-59318(please login)
24" UV Black 175lb Cable Tie (500cs)
Pre-Printed Cable & Wire Label
  • Designed for easy identification

  • Thin, conformable polyester film tape

  • Acrylic, pressure-sensitive adhesive

037-09388(please login)
SDR-A Wire Marker Tape Refill Roll
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Fiberglass Resin Repair Kit - 1/2 pt
  • Includes: How-To directions, Fiberglass resin, Liquid hardener, Plastic spreader, Fiberglass cloth, Mixing stick, Mixing tray

037-00420(please login)
1/2 Pint Fiberglass Repair Kit Resin
Fiberglass Resin Repair Kit - 1 qt
  • Non-shrinking polyester resin bonds to metals and plastics

  • Kit includes all materials for easy application

  • Hardens quickly for fast repairs

  • Includes directions for easy, trouble-free use

037-00422(please login)
1 Quart Fiberglass Repair Kit Resin
*N95 Particulate Respirator - Economy - 8200
  • Adjustable nose clip

  • Cushioning nose foam

  • Lightweight, disposable

  • Economical choice for respiratory protection

  • Two-strap design with four point staple attachment

037-8200(please login)
N95 Particulate Respirator Economy
*N95 Particulate Respirator - Classic - 8210
  • Adjustable noseclip

  • Cushioning nose foam

  • Lightweight construction

  • Advanced electrostatic media

  • Two-strap design with welded dual point attachment

037-8210(please login)
N95 Particulate Respirator Classic
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037-00940(please login)
3M 4"x 3/8" hole CS-DS SC Disc Scotch-Brite silicon carbide very coarse (25cs)
037-0502(please login)
3M Filter adapter f/5000 series respirator (20/box) (5bx/cs)
037-08101(please login)
3M Peltor Optime 105 Earmuffs H10A (10ea)
037-09389(please login)
3M SDR-B Wire marker tape refill roll (50ea/p/cs)
037-09390(please login)
3M SDR-C Wire marker tape refill roll (50ea/p/cs)
037-09549(please login)
3M 6"x 1"x 1" 8S Fin Deburring wheel, Scotch-Brite (3cs)
037-10356(please login)
3M 2" x 36yds #88-SUPER elect. vinyl tape weather proof (12cs) 10356-1
037-14579(please login)
3M 4"x 1/2"x1/4"sk C1-ZS Disc Scotch-Brite silicon carbide very coarse (10cs)
037-17564(please login)
3M 1gal 323 Blu-Green liquid epoxy coating kit (1kit) (Consisiting of part A and B)
037-226P(please login)
3M 5lb Scotchkote Hot melt grn compound (5#'s = 1bx)
037-311-1252(please login)
3M EARsoft Yel Neon Blast ear plugs corded baged (2000cs) 200 per box (10 bx/cs)
037-312-1252(please login)
3M EARsoft Yel Neon Blast ear plugs uncorded (2000cs)
037-318-1000(please login)
3M E-A-R-Push-ins Ear plugs no cord Classic Yell w/blue stem (100pr/bag)(400pr/cs)
037-330-3002(please login)
3M E-A-R Model 3000 Earmuffs NRR25dB (Class A) (1ea/24cs)
037-340-4004(please login)
3M E-A-R Ultrafit Corded ear plugs tree shaped/400pr/per/cs
037-573(please login)
3M Office & desk cleaner multipurpose 15oz aerosol 10384 (12ea)
037-59294(please login)
3M 8" UV Black 50lb Cable Ties (10,000cs) SOLD BY CASES ONLY CALL JIMMY (CT8BK50-M)
037-60151(please login)
3M 15oz ScotchKote Electrical coating FD(fast drying) brush -in-cap (10ea)
037-64740(please login)
3M 2" x 55" GP Masking tape tan 48mm x 55mm (24rls/1cs)
037-65775(please login)
3M Wht full brim hard hat type 1, 4pt suspension, series H-800 (20ea)
037-6700(please login)
3M Full facepiece respirator reusable 6000 series small (4ea)
037-6885(please login)
3M Face shield cover to protect the lens (25p/pkg) 4bx/p/cs)
037-72122(please login)
3M Portable compressed air filter w/carbon monoxide mon- itor 8 outlets 100 cfm (1ea)
037-7705(please login)
3M .75 x 17"Safety walk strips slip resistant 08216 (400cs)
037-80819(please login)
3M 2" x 25yd Black hook fastener tape SJ30H (2rolls)
037-80825(please login)
3M 2" x 25yd Black loop fastener tape SJ30L (2rolls)
037-8247(please login)
3M R95 Particulate respirator w/nuisance level orgnic vapor relief (120/per/cs)
037-TR-490(please login)
3M Scotchlok Crimping Ratchet Tool, f/ 22-10 AWG
037-V-100(please login)
3M V-100 Supplied air resp- irator vortex cooling assm. (1ea)(37018)

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