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Adjustable Wrenches, Hand Tool Sets
Button Plier Fence Tool
  • Flat nose with 3 wire cutters, pipe grips, teeth in nose

  • Polished head, knurled handles

017-10008VN(please login)
8" Fence Plier
HD Fence Tool Pliers
  • Red non-slip cushioned handle grips

  • Gun metal, knurled grip handles

  • 2 staple grips in nose

  • Polished head

017-193610CVSMN(please login)
10-7/16" HD Fence Pliers Cushion Grip
8" HD Diagonal Cutting Plier
  • Red non-slip cushion handle grips

  • Angled head for offset cutting

  • Polished head

017-5428CVN(please login)
8" HD Diagonal Cutting Plier
7" HD Diagonal Cutting Plier
  • Flush cutting edges and polished head

  • Red non-slip cushion handle grips

  • Angled head for offset cutting

017-5437CEN(please login)
7" Heavy Duty Diagonal Cutting Solid Joint Plier
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8-1/2" Linesman Round Nose Pliers
  • Cutting Edges Cut Clean and Remain Sharp

  • Electronically Induction Hardened, Durable and Hand Honed

  • Made of Forged Alloy Steel

017-21508CVN(please login)
8-1/2" Hi Leverage Linesman's Pliers
8" Pro Series Diagonal Cutting Pliers
  • Chrome Vanadium Steel

  • Induction Hardened Edges

  • 1/3 Lighter Than Standard Pliers

  • Co-Molded Grips for Added Comfort

  • Increase Cutting Pressure by 50%

017-PS5429C(please login)
8" Diagonal Cutting Pliers Pro-Series
Cee Tee Slip Joint Plier
  • Curved jaws combination

  • Nickel chrome plated finish

  • Non-slip knurled handle grips

  • Machined gripping teeth and wire cutter

017-H26N(please login)
6-1/2" Slip Joint Plier
017-H28N(please login)
8" Cee Tee Slip Joint Plier
Tongue & Groove Plier
  • Riveted joint will not separate or jump out of grooves

  • Straight jaws and self-locking jaw adjustment

017-R212CV(please login)
12" Tongue and Groove Plier
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3 pc Adjustable Wrench Set - AC3
  • Includes: 6”, 8”, 10” Adjustable wrenches, tool roll

  • Heat-treated forged alloy steel

  • Tension spring stabilizes jaw

  • Chrome polish head and satin finished handle

017-AC3(please login)
3 pc Adjustable Wrench Set
Chrome Adjustable Wrench
  • Polished head and regular, satin finished handle

  • Chrome plated finish resists rust and corrosion

  • Wider handle and wide capacity jaw

017-AC14(please login)
4" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
017-AC16(please login)
6" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
017-AC18(please login)
8" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
017-AC110(please login)
10" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
017-AC112(please login)
12" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
017-AC115(please login)
15" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
017-AC118(please login)
18" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
017-AC124(please login)
24" Chrome Adjustable Wrench
Chrome Adjustable Wrench - Cushion Grip
  • Chrome plated finish resists rust and corrosion

  • Polished head and red non-slip cushion grip

  • Wide capacity jaw and wider handle

017-AC14C(please login)
4" Adjustable Wrench - Cushion Grip
017-AC16C(please login)
6" Adjustable Wrench - Cushion Grip
017-AC112C(please login)
12" Adjustable Wrench - Cushion Grip
017-AC115C(please login)
15" Adjustable Wrench - Cushion Grip
Black Oxide Adjustable Wrench
  • Black oxide finish resists corrosion

  • Wide capacity jaw and wider handle

  • Polished head and regular handle, non-slip grip

017-AT14(please login)
4" Black Adjustable Wrench
017-AT16(please login)
6" Black Adjustable Wrench
017-AT18(please login)
8" Black Adjustable Wrench
017-AT110(please login)
10" Black Adjustable Wrench
017-AT112(please login)
12" Black Adjustable Wrench
017-AT115(please login)
15" Black Adjustable Wrench
017-AT118(please login)
18" Black Adjustable Wrench
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Replacement Jaw
  • AC115J – Replacement jaw for AC115

  • AC118J – Replacement jaw for AC118

017-AC115J(please login)
Adjustable Wrench Jaw for 15"
017-AC118J(please login)
18" Adjustable Replacement Jaw
14pc SAE Combo Wrench Set - 12pt
  • Chrome Vanadium Alloy Steel

  • Off Corner Loading Technology on Box-End

  • Sizes Stamped on Both Sides

  • Nickel Chrome Plated

  • Mirror Polish Finish

017-CCWS4(please login)
14 pc Combo Wrench Set 3/8" - 1-1/4"
148 pc Mechanics Tool Set
  • 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” quick release ratcheting drives

  • Standard and deep sockets in both SAE and metric sizes

  • Contains all tools needed for most industrial applications

017-CTK148MP(please login)
148 pc Professional Tool Set
170 pc Mechanics Tool Set
  • 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2” quick release ratcheting drives

  • Standard and deep sockets in both SAE and metric sizes

  • Contains all tools needed for most industrial applications

017-CTK170MP(please login)
170 pc Mechanic's Tool Set
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30pc Mechanics Tool Set
  • 3/8” Drive

  • 12 point

  • SAE/Metric

  • Standard & Deep Sockets

017-CTK30SET(please login)
30 pc Professional Tool Kit 3/8" Dr
70 pc Mechanics Tool Set - CTK70MP
  • Set Includes: 1/4" & 3/8" Drive 6 & 12 Point Tools (SAE & Metric), Wrenches, Hex Key w/Caddy, Magnetic Bit Driver

017-CTK70MP(please login)
70 pc Mechanics Tool Set
21 pc Mechanics Tool Set

  • Heavy-duty 24 tooth ratchet with quick release socket retention button

  • Ratchet has non-slip knurled handle

  • Durable molded storage case

  • Polished chrome vanadium steel construction

017-CTK21SAE(please login)
21 pc 3/4" Drive Mechanic's Tool Set
017-0013C(please login)
HKP 18" Replac.Bolt Cutr head #0 for 0090MC cutter (1ea)
017-0090MC(please login)
HKP 18" Bolt Cutter center cut #0 (1ea)
017-0113C(please login)
HKP 24" Replac.Bolt Cutr head #1 for 0190MC cutter (1ea)
017-0190MC(please login)
HKP 24" Bolt Cutter center cut #1 (1ea)
017-0213C(please login)
HKP 30" Replac.Bolt Cutr head #2 for 0290MC cutter (1ea)
017-0290MC(please login)
HKP 30" Bolt Cutter center cut #2 (1ea)
017-0313C(please login)
HKP 36" Replac.Bolt Cutr head #3 for 0390MC cutter (1ea)
017-0390MC(please login)
HKP 36" Bolt Cutter center cut #3 (1ea)
017-0513C(please login)
HKP 42" Replac.Bolt Cutr head #5 for 0590MC cutter (1ea)
017-0590MC(please login)
HKP 42" Bolt Cutter center cut #5 (1ea)
017-100010VN(please login)
Crescent plier,10",SLD-JT,BUTT fence carded (36ea)
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017-1413C(please login)
HKP 14" Replac.Bolt Cutr head for 1490MC cutter (1ea)
017-1490MC(please login)
HKP 14" Bolt Cutter center cut (1ea)
017-20509CVSMLNN(please login)
Crescent 9-1/4" Linesman High Leverage Pliers (3ea/36cs)
017-6547CVN(please login)
Crescent 6547CVNN 7-1/2in long chain nose side cutting pliers (1ea)
017-7776CVN(please login)
Crescent 7776CVNN 6-1/2in needle nose plier (72ea)
017-AC210BK(please login)
Crescent 10" Chrome adj wrench (24ea)
017-AC212BK(please login)
Crescent 12" Chrome adj wrenc (18ea)
017-AC215BK(please login)
Crescent 15" Chrome adj wrench (12ea)
017-AC218BK(please login)
Crescent 18" Chrome adj wrenc (8ea)
017-AC224BK(please login)
Crescent 24" Chrome adj wrench (4ea)
017-AC24BK(please login)
Crescent 4" Chrome adj wrench (72ea)
017-AC24CBK(please login)
Crescent IMP 4" Adj wrench chrome w/cushion grip (6ea)
017-AC26BK(please login)
Crescent 6" Chrome adj wrench (72ea)
017-AC26CBK(please login)
Crescent IMP 6" Adj wrench chrome w/cush grip (6ea)
017-AC28BK(please login)
Crescent 8" Chrome adj wrench (48ea)
017-AT212BK(please login)
Crescent IMP 12" Adj wrench black finish (1ea)(6ea)
017-AT215BK(please login)
Crescent IMP 15" Adj wrench black finish (1ea)
017-AT215SPUD(please login)
Crescent 15" Spud wrench construction blk finish (1ea)
017-AT218BK(please login)
Crescent IMP 18" Adj wrench black finish (1ea)
017-AT24BK(please login)
Crescent IMP 4" Adj wrench blk finish (1ea)(6ea)
017-AT26BK(please login)
Crescent IMP 6" Adj wrench blk finish (1ea)(6ea)
017-AT26CBK(please login)
Crescent IMP 6" Adj wrench blk finish w/cushion grip (1ea)
017-AT28BK(please login)
Crescent IMP 8" Adj wrench blk (1ea)(6ea)
017-CMHTJW(please login)
Crescent CMHTJWN jumbo wrench (1ea)
017-CPTAW8(please login)
Crescent 11pc Adj Wr w/ Tray (1set)
017-CSWS8(please login)
Crescent CSWS8N 3/8 Dr socket p & short 1/4 to 7/8 (1ea)
017-CTK14SAE(please login)
Crescent CTK14SAEN 14pc 3/4" d tool set (2set)
017-CW24(please login)
Crescent CW24N 24" chain wrenc (12ea)
017-CW24C(please login)
Crescent CW24CN replacement ch f/CW24 chain wrench (12ea)
017-M1R(please login)
Wiss 9-3/4" MetalMaster snips aviation cuts left (6ea)(24cs)
017-M2R(please login)
Wiss 9-3/4" MetalMaster snips aviation cuts right (6ea) (24cs)
017-M3R(please login)
Wiss 9-3/4" MetalMaster snips aviation cuts straight (6ea) (24/cs)
017-PSX204C(please login)
Crescent Long Reach Plier Set (1ea)
017-RT210CVN(please login)
Crescent 10" T&G Plier, black finish (6ea)

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