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Tail Ropes and Snake Grips
Steel Tail Rope
  • Flexible plastic coated cable

  • One snap hook and one 3” D-ring

  • Used with climbing belt fall arrest harness

121-20-2007(please login)
4' Steel Tail Rope TR-4-D-PC
121-20-2011(please login)
6' Steel Tail Rope TR-6-D-PC
121-20-2015(please login)
8' Steel Tail Rope TR-8-D-PC (Bulk)
121-20-2019(please login)
10' Steel Tail Rope TR-10-D-PC (Bulk)
121-20-2023(please login)
12' Steel Tail Rope TR-12-D-PC
Safety Cable
  • 36” long

  • 450 lb work load

  • Snap hook closures

  • Galvanized steel cable

121-80-1007(please login)
DLSC-1 Derrick Light Safety Cable (Bulk)
HD Snake Grips
  • Expands or contracts to grip different or identical cable and/or rope sizes

121-30-3003(please login)
LSG 1/2"-1" HD Snake Grips (Bulk)
121-30-3007(please login)
LSG 1 - 1-1/2" HD Snake Grips (Bulk)
121-30-3009(please login)
LSG 1-1/2 - 2" HD Snake Grips (Bulk)
*Monkey Board Belt - S - 12-1016
121-12-1016(please login)
Monkey Board Belt - Small
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*Boatswain Chair Belt Cable - 418-10-1032
121-418-10-1032(please login)
Reg 36" - 48" Boatswain Chair Belt Cable
121-18-1102(please login)
Lewis 3D Fall arrest harness FAH-3Y-Regular, yel nylon(1ea)
121-18-1103(please login)
Lewis 3D Fall arrest harness FAH-3Y- large, yel nylon (1ea)
121-18-1105(please login)
Lewis 3D Fall arrest harness FAH-3Y- Small, yel nylon (1ea)
121-18-1106(please login)
Lewis 3D Fall arrest harness FAH-3Y- XL, yel nylon (1ea)
121-18-1107(please login)
Lewis 3D Fall arrest harness FAH-3Y- XXL, yel nylon (1ea)
121-18-1110(please login)
121-18-1117(please login)
Lewis 36-44in Reg. harness HCB-FAH-3-W/T Y Reg seat (1ea)
121-18-1118(please login)
Lewis 41-49in Lg. harness fall arrest HCB-FAH w/built-in seat (1ea)
121-18-1131(please login)
Lewis 29-38in full body harne sm FAH-3-Y-2-MBS (1ea) new # FAH-5-Y-MB
121-18-1132(please login)
Lewis 36-44inreg Harness FAH-5Y-MB-Regular
121-18-1133(please login)
Lewis 41-49in Lg. harness FAH-5Y-MB-Large
121-18-1134(please login)
Lewis 43-52in XL harness l FAH-5Y-MB-XL
121-18-1135(please login)
Lewis 55-60" XXL derrick belt (1ea)
121-18-1137(please login)
Lewis FW-3 XS harness fall arrest FW-3 (1ea)
121-18-1139(please login)
Lewis 36-44in Reg harness fall arrest FW-3 (1ea)
121-18-1140(please login)
Lewis 41-49in LG harness fall arrest FW-3 (large) 1 EA
121-18-1141(please login)
Lewis 43-52in XL harness fall arrest FW-3 (1ea)
121-18-1145(please login)
Lewis 5D Ring fall arrest harness LG FW5-Large (1ea)
121-18-1146(please login)
Lewis 5D Ring fall arrest harness XL FW5-XL (1ea)
121-18-1163(please login)
Lewis 30-36in Small belt M monkey board yellowl (1ea)
121-18-1164(please login)
Lewis 36-42in Reg belt M monkey board yellow (1ea)
121-18-1165(please login)
Lewis 42-48in large belt M monkey board yellow (1ea)
121-18-1166(please login)
Lewis 48-54in XL belt M monkey board yellow (1ea)
121-18-1168(please login)
Lewis 4D-Ring Yell fall arrest small harness HCB-B WLL 300lbs (29"- 42") w/plastic seat(1ea)
121-18-1169(please login)
Lewis 4D-Ring Yell fall arrest Reg harness HCB-B-R WLL 300lbs (36" - 48")w/plastic seat(1ea)
121-18-1170(please login)
Lewis 4D-Ring Yell fall arrest harness HCB-B-L WLL 300 lbs (41" - 53")w/plastic seat(1ea)
121-18-1171(please login)
Lewis 4D-Rings Yel Fall arrest XL harness HCB-B-XL 300lb WLL (43" - 52") w/plastic seat (1ea)
121-18-1172(please login)
Lewis 4D-Ring Yell fall arrest DXL harness HCB-B-DXL WLL300 l (48" - 54")w/plastic seat(1ea)
121-20-2012(please login)
Lewis TR-6-S-PC 6ft tail rope (1ea)
121-20-2013(please login)
Lewis TR-7-D-PC 7ft Tail rope (1ea)
121-20-2016(please login)
Lewis TR-8-S-PC tail rope w/snaps on both ends (1ea)
121-20-2020(please login)
Lewis TR-10-S-PC 10ft tail rope snap hooks/both ends (1ea)
121-20-2024(please login)
Lewis TR-12-S-PC 12' Tail rope (1ea)
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121-20-2027(please login)
Lewis 14" Tail rope TR-14-D-PC flexible steel rope (1ea)
121-20-2028(please login)
Lewis TR-14-S-PC steel tail rope 14" snaphooks both ends (1ea)
121-20-2031(please login)
Lewis TR-16-D-PC 16ft tail rope (1ea)
121-20-2032(please login)
Lewis 16' Stl tail rope w/snap hooks TR-16-S-PC (1ea)
121-25-1002(please login)
Lewis SLO-6-Y 6ft slow stop lanyard (1ea)
121-25-1004(please login)
Lewis SPRL-4-Y Retract Lanyard single position yel nylon(1ea)
121-25-1005(please login)
Lewis SPRL-6-Y Retractable lanyard (1ea)
121-25-1008(please login)
Lewis Dual positioning lanyard DPRL-6-Y (1ea)
121-25-1012(please login)
Lewis LA-6-Y Lanyard anchor (1ea)
121-25-1013(please login)
Lewis ET-18-Y Extension tail for Lanyard (1ea)
121-30-1010(please login)
Lewis LSG 1-1/2 2-1/2 snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3001(please login)
Lewis LSG 1/4-1/2" Snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3002(please login)
Lewis LSG 1/4-1-1/2 Snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3004(please login)
Lewis LSG 1/2-1-1/2 Snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3005(please login)
Lewis LSG 1/2" - 2" Snake Grip special size (1ea)
121-30-3006(please login)
Lewis LSG 3/4-1-1/4 Snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3008(please login)
Lewis LSG 1"-2" snake grip 1 ea
121-30-3011(please login)
Lewis LSG 2 - 2-3/4in snake rope (1ea)
121-30-3012(please login)
Lewis LSG 2-3/4 - 3-1/2 grip (1ea)
121-30-3013(please login)
Lewis LSG 3-1/2" - 4-1/4" Snake Grip WL 5000 (1ea)
121-30-3016(please login)
Lewis LSG 1-1/4" - 2" Snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3022(please login)
Lewis LSG 1-1-1/2 PSO Grip Plain Side Only -Snake Grip
121-30-3025(please login)
Lewis LSG-X swivel tube snake rope size 1/2in -1in (1ea)
121-30-3026(please login)
Lewis LSG-X swivel tube snake rope size 1in -1-1/2in (1ea)
121-30-3027(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 1-1/2 - 2 Snake Grip (1ea)
121-30-3031(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 1-1/2 - 2" PSO wire rope snake grips (1ea)
121-30-3033(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 1/4 - 1/2 (1ea)
121-30-3034(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 1/4" to 1-1/2" snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3039(please login)
Lewis LSG 1/4-1 snake 1/2-1 on one end 1/4-1/2 on the other (1ea)
121-30-3040(please login)
Lewis LSG-X swivel tube snake rope size 1/2in -1-1/2in (1ea)
121-30-3042(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 3/4 - 1-1/4 Snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3044(please login)
Lewis LSG 2" - 2-3/4" PSO wire rope snake grips (1ea)
121-30-3052(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 1/2in - 2in snake rope (1ea)
121-30-3054(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 1 IN - 2" snake grip
121-30-3058(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 1-1/2 - 2-1/2in Snake Rope (1)
121-30-3059(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 2 - 2-3/4 snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3060(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 2-3/4 - 3-1/2 SNAKE GRIP (1ea)
121-30-3061(please login)
Lewis LSG-X 3-1/2 - 4-1/4 snake grip (1ea)
121-30-3069(please login)
Lewis LSG-S 1/4" - 1/2" Low profile, Snake Grip
121-30-3070(please login)
Lewis LSG-S 1/2" - 1" Snake low profile (1ea)
121-30-3071(please login)
Lewis LSG-S 1" - 1- 1/2" Snake low profile (1ea)
121-40-1004(please login)
Lewis HD-1 Ball Bearing Swivel HD WLL 9,000 lbs (1ea)
121-40-1005(please login)
Lewis HD-1-S Swivel Sealed wire Rope, 9000 lbs WLL
121-40-1012(please login)
Lewis W-1 ball bearing swivel (1ea)
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121-40-1014(please login)
Lewis W-3 ball bearing swivel (1ea)
121-40-1020(please login)
Lewis HD-2-S-Z Sealed Swivel WLL 12,000 lbs
121-40-1021(please login)
Lewis HD-3-S-Z Ball Bearing Swivel Grease Zerk
121-50-1015(please login)
Lewis A-DW-24 Pulling Grips 3/4"-1-1/4" Std Model A (1ea)
121-50-1060(please login)
Lewis 1/2" - 3/4" Standard Pulling Grips, Model AA (1ea)
121-50-1068(please login)
Lewis AA-O-TW- 1/2"-3/4" O-Model Splicing Grips
121-50-1084(please login)
Lewis AAA-DW-24 1/4"-1/2" Standard pulling grip double weave (1ea)
121-50-1106(please login)
Lewis B-O-TW-32 O Model Splicing grip 1-1/4 IN - 2 IN
121-50-1120(please login)
Lewis B-TW-32 pulling grip 1-1/4-2" triple weave (1ea)
121-50-1141(please login)
Lewis C-TW-38 Pulling Grip 2-2-3/4 Triple Weave
121-50-1173(please login)
Lewis DE-250-SW-SS w/3/8"bolts P136890-1039 26" leads (1ea)
121-50-1190(please login)
Lewis DLE-162-DW 1-5/8"-2-1/2" Pulling grip dual eye double weave (1ea)
121-50-1359(please login)
Lewis HDFE-1-3/8" - 2 HD Grip
121-50-1573(please login)
Lewis LSG-O 36" Splicing snake grip HD SPECIAL 1/2"-1" no swivel or eye (1ea)
121-50-1574(please login)
Lewis LSG-O 48" Splicing snake grip HD SPECIAL 1/2"-1" no swivel or eye (1ea)
121-50-1576(please login)
Lewis LSG-O 24" Splicing snake grip HD SPECIAL 1/4"-1/2" no swivel or eye (1ea)
121-50-1577(please login)
Lewis LSG-O 24" Splicing snake grip HD SPECIAL 1/2"-1" no swivel or eye (1ea)
121-50-1580(please login)
Lewis 1.00-1"-1-/14" LSL-100 Split grip w/lase closing (1ea)
121-50-1592(please login)
Lewis 075-3'4-1" LSL-75 Split grips,w/ lase casing (1ea)
121-50-1634(please login)
Lewis LSR-125 Grip Rod Closing Grip
121-50-1635(please login)
Lewis LSR-150 Grip Rod closing Grip
121-50-1706(please login)
Lewis OE-112-SW 1-1/8 -1-5/8 Wire mesh cable grip Std duty single offset eye (OE)
121-50-1772(please login)
Lewis OE-75-DW offset eye grip 1 /EA
121-50-1898(please login)
Lewis X-A-SW-24 3/4"-1-1/4" single mesh plastic coated Lt. blue mesh pulling grip (1ea)
121-50-1903(please login)
Lewis 1/4x2-1/4"X-B-TW-26 X-Series red grips (1ea)
121-50-1932(please login)
Lewis X-HDFE 1/2"- 7/8" Grips X-series pulling grips (1ea)
121-50-1933(please login)
Lewis X-HDFE 1/4"-1/2" Grips X-series pulling grips (1ea)
121-50-1945(please login)
Lewis X-HDFE 7/8-1-3/8" Grips X-series pulling grips (1ea)
121-50-2253(please login)
Lewis DE-350-SW-SS w/3/8"bolts 26" leads (1 ea) w/crimp eyes P141154
121-50-2394(please login)
Lewis LSG-O 36" Splicing snake grip SPECIAL 1"- 1-1/2" no swivel or eye (1ea)
121-50-2601(please login)
Lewis DE-175-SW-SS w/3/8 bolt 16 leads(1ea)
121-50-2749(please login)
Lewis DLE-162-DW-TB 1-5/8" - 2.50" DBL Weave grips TB,DLE-TB series (1ea)
121-50-2914(please login)
Lewis DLE-BOA-1.5 - 2.5 Whip sock BOA, 1-1/2 -2-1/2"
121-50-2923(please login)
Lewis 1/4"-3/4 "Ouchless Grip" dbl eye pulling grip coated DLE-LK-SW (1ea)
121-50-2924(please login)
Lewis DLE-LK-SW-3/4-1 Pulling Ouchless Grip, dbl Eye (1ea)
121-50-2925(please login)
Lewis DLE-LK-SW-1-1-1/2Pulling Ouchless Grip, dbl eye (1ea)
121-50-2936(please login)
Lewis DLE-LK-DW-3-4 Pulling Ouchess Grip, dbl eye double weave (1ea)
121-50-2944(please login)
Lewis DLE-250-TW-48-SS Dual Eye Grip, SS
121-50-3023(please login)
Lewis X-S-DW 1.0-1.49-24 Wire rope cable socking single eye size 25-38mm
121-50-3028(please login)
Lewis DLE-LK-BOA1.0-1.5 Hose Grips
121-50-3029(please login)
121-50-3044(please login)
Lewis DLE-BOA-1.5 - 2.5 SS Whip Sock BOA Hose grip SS
121-5000(please login)
Lewis snap hook 5000 5 3/4in w/1in eye (1ea) )
121-5118(please login)
Lewis 5/16in swing link (1ea)
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121-5119(please login)
Lewis 7/16in swing link (1ea)
121-5122(please login)
Lewis 5/16" Galv Swivel (1ea)
121-55-1103(please login)
Lewis HB-25-SW-TB Pulling grip hook bail, bronze model (1ea)
121-60-1291(please login)
Lewis 3/4"-1-1/4" Support grip U-100-SWB-PG&E (1ea)
121-60-1297(please login)
Lewis 1-/18-1-5/8 Support grip U-112-SWB-PG&E (1ea)
121-60-1312(please login)
Lewis 1-5/8-2-1/2 Support grip U-162-SWB-PG&E (1ea)
121-60-1320(please login)
Lewis U-25-SWB-PGE Pulling U-bail grips light duty (1ea)
121-60-1342(please login)
Lewis 1/2"-5/8" Support grip U-50-SWB-PG&E (1ea)
121-60-1351(please login)
Lewis 5/8"-3/4" Support grip U-62-SWB-PG&E (1ea)
121-60-1363(please login)
Lewis U-75-SWB-SW U-Bail Grips 3/4-1-1/8", 12" mesh 8" eye (1ea)
121-80-1060(please login)
Lewis 5/32" x 36" DLSC-2SS HD w/snap hook + safety screw 480WLL (1ea)
121-90-1000(please login)
Lewis Service Loop Cover 80 ' x 9" diameter 18 oz Black
121-90-2032-GRY(please login)
Lewis 6' Gray Rotary table skirt 5" hole no collar (1ea)
121-90-2032-ORG(please login)
Lewis 6'ORG Rotary table skirt 5" hole no collar (1ea)
121-90-2036-BLU(please login)
Lewis 6' BLU Rotary Table skir with Collar
121-90-2036-ORG(please login)
Lewis 6'ORG rotary table skirt with collar (1ea)
121-90-2036-RED(please login)
Lewis 6'RED rotary table skirt with collar (1ea) 22 oz
121-90-2039-ORANGE(please login)
Lewis rotary table skirt w/hook loop adjust. strips
121-90-2039-RED(please login)
Lewis rotary table skirt W/hook loop adjust. strips
121-DE-450-DW-SS(please login)
Lewis 3/8" Eye bolt 118" Leads 1 EA

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