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Fist-grips, Lifting Products and Components
G-450 Wire Rope Clip
  • Meets ASME B3.26 requirements

  • Galvanized clip to resist corrosion

  • Federal specs FFC-450 type 1, class 1

112-1010015(please login)
G-450 1/8 Wire Rope Clip (100 ea)
112-1010033(please login)
G-450 3/16 Wire Rope Clip (100 ea)
112-1010051(please login)
G-450 1/4 Wire Rope Clip (100 ea)
112-1010079(please login)
G-450 5/16 Wire Rope Clip (100 ea)
112-1010097(please login)
G-450 3/8 Wire Rope Clip (100 ea)
112-1010131(please login)
G-450 1/2 Wire Rope Clip (50 ea)
112-1010177(please login)
G-450 5/8 Wire Rope Clip (50 ea)
112-1010195(please login)
G-450 3/4 Wire Rope Clip (25 ea)
112-1010211(please login)
G-450 7/8 Wire Rope Clip
112-1010239(please login)
G-450 1 Wire Rope Clip (10 ea)
112-1010257(please login)
G-450 1-1/8 Wire Rope Clip (10 ea)
112-1010319(please login)
G-450 1-1/2 Wire Rope Clip
Screw Pin Shackle - G-209/S-209
  • Hot dipped galvanized

  • Forged, quenched and tempered

  • Meets ASME B30.26 requirements

112-1018375(please login)
G-209 1/4 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018393(please login)
G-209 5/16 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018419(please login)
G-209 3/8 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018437(please login)
G-209 7/16 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018455(please login)
G-209 1/2 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018473(please login)
G-209 5/8 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018491(please login)
G-209 3/4 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018516(please login)
G-209 7/8 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018534(please login)
G-209 1 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018543(please login)
S-209 1 Screw Pin Shackle
112-1018552(please login)
G-209 1-1/8 Screw Pin Shackle (Bulk)
112-1018570(please login)
G-209 1-1/4 Screw Pin Shackle
112-1018598(please login)
G-209 1-3/8 Screw Pin Shackle
G-2130 Bolt Type Shackle
  • Hot-dipped galvanized

  • Forged, quenched, and tempered

  • Meets ASME B30.26 requirements

112-1019470(please login)
G-2130 3/8 Bolt Type Shackle (Bulk)
112-1019472(please login)
G-2130 1/2 Bolt Type Shackle (Bulk)
112-1019490(please login)
G-2130 5/8 Bolt Type Shackle (Bulk)
112-1019515(please login)
G-2130 3/4 Bolt Type Shackle (Bulk)
112-1019533(please login)
G-2130 7/8 Bolt Type Shackle (Bulk)
112-1019551(please login)
G-2130 1 Bolt Type Shackle (Bulk)
112-1019579(please login)
G-2130 1-1/8 Bolt Type Shackle
112-1019613(please login)
G-2130 1-3/8 Bolt Type Shackle
112-1019631(please login)
G-2130 1-1/2 Bolt Type Shackle
G-429 Fist Grip
  • Saddle made from forged steel

  • Entire clip to resist corrosion and rust

  • Meets federal specs FFC-450 type III, class 1

112-1010471(please login)
G-429N 3/16 -1/4 Fist Grip (100 ea)
112-1010514(please login)
G-429N 3/8 Fist Grip (50 ea)
112-1010532(please login)
G-429N 7/16 -1/2 Fist Grip (50 ea)
112-1010550(please login)
G-429N 9/16 -5/8 Fist Grip (50 ea)
112-1010499(please login)
G-429N 5/16" Fist Grip (100 ea)
112-1010578(please login)
G-429 3/4 Fist Grip (25 ea)
112-1010596(please login)
G-429 7/8 Fist Grip (25 ea)
112-1010612(please login)
G-429 1 Fist Grip (10 ea)
112-1010630(please login)
G-429 1-1/8 Fist Grip (10 ea)
112-1010658(please login)
G-429 1-1/4 Fist Grip
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G-429 Fist Grip - DS
  • Saddle made from forged steel

  • Entire clip to resist corrosion and rust

  • Meets federal specs FFC-450 type III, class 1

112-1010676(please login)
G-429 1-3/8 Fist Grip
418 Hook Snatch Block
  • Fatigue rated

  • Bronze bushing

  • Forged alloy heat-treated

  • Pressure lube fitting for sheave

112-108038(please login)
418 2 Ton Snatch Block 3" w/Hook (1 ea)
112-108065(please login)
418 Snatch Block 4-1/2" w/Hook (1 ea)
419 Shackle Snatch Block
  • Fatigue rated

  • Bronze bushing

  • Fitted with a swivel eye

  • Pressure lube fitting for sheave

  • Side opens for easy rope insertion while suspended

112-109037(please login)
419 Block 3" w/Swivel (1 ea)
112-109064(please login)
419 Block 4-1/2" w/Shackle
112-109091(please login)
419 Block 3" w/Shackle (1 ea)
112-109126(please login)
419 Block 6" w/Shackle
404 Tail Board Snatch Block
  • Bronze bushing

  • Without hook or shackle

  • Side open for easy loading

  • Pressure lube fitting for sheave

112-102016(please login)
404 Tail Board 3 (1 ea)
112-102025(please login)
404 Tail Board 4-1/2" (1 ea)
112-102098(please login)
404 Tail Board 6 (1 ea)
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430 Hook Snatch Block
  • Bronze bearing

  • 20 ton work load limit

  • Uses 26 to 28 mm wire rope

  • Drop forged heat treated swivel hook

112-120023(please login)
430 20 Ton Snatch Block 8"
443 Laydown Block
  • All steel construction

  • Used to lay-down drill pipe

  • Sheaves grooved for 3/4” wire line

  • Hook made to fit into end of drill pipe

112-171432(please login)
#443 1/2 Ton Lay Down Block 6" (1 ea)
Swivel Eye Hay Fork Pulley
  • Painted

  • 1 Ton working load limit

  • Swivel forged steel eye

  • Furnished with roller bearing

112-170086(please login)
HF-2 Pulley Hay Fork 4-1/2" (1 ea)
112-170200(please login)
HF-4 Pulley Hay Fork 4-1/2" (1 ea)
171 Tong Block
  • Forged steel eye

  • Pressure lubrication

  • Steel sheave with roller bearing

  • Easy side opening in the 8” size only

112-171058(please login)
#171 TB-1 1 Ton Tong Block 8"
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S-264 Pad Eye
  • Forged 1035 carbon steel

  • Quenched and tempered

112-1090740(please login)
S-264 Size 1 Pad Eyes
112-1090786(please login)
S-264 Size 2 Pad Eyes (Bulk)
112-1090802(please login)
S-264 Size 4 Pad Eyes (Bulk)
112-1090820(please login)
S-264 Size 5 Pad Eyes (Bulk)
G-335/S-335 Missing Link
  • Forged steel material

  • Hot dipped galvanized

  • Not for over head lifting

  • Quenched and tempered

112-1013138(please login)
G-335 5/16 Missing Link
112-1013156(please login)
G-335 3/8 Missing Link
A-1337 Connecting Link
  • Fatigue rated

  • Forged alloy steel

  • Grade 100, can be used with grade 80 and 100 chain

112-1015113(please login)
A-1337 5/16 Connecting Link
112-1015122(please login)
A-1337 3/8 Connecting Link (Bulk)
112-1015136(please login)
A-1337 1/2 Connecting Link
Turnbuckle - Eye & Eye
  • End fittings are Quenched and Tempered or Normalized, bodies heat treated by normalizing

  • Hot Dip galvanized steel

112-1031298(please login)
3/8 x 6 HG-226 Turnbuckle
112-1031412(please login)
TB 5/8 x 12 E&E HG-226 Turnbuckle
112-1031617(please login)
TB 1" x 24 E&E HG-226 Turnbuckle
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Turnbuckle - Jaw & Jaw
  • End fittings are Quenched and Tempered or Normalized, bodies heat treated by normalizing

  • Hot dip galvanized steel


112-1032652(please login)
5/8 x 12 HG-228 Turnbuckle
112-1032910(please login)
TB 1-1/4 x 24 J&J HG228 Turnbuckle
Tail Board Block
  • Easy open side plates

  • Rugged and reliable

  • 4 to 1 design factor

  • Bronze bushings

  • Metric rated

112-474542(please login)
8 Ton SB8S6BT 6" Single Sheave Tailboard Block
Snatch Block with Swivel Shackle
  • Easy open side plates

  • 4 to 1 Design factor

  • Bronze bushings

  • 2 and 4 Ton

112-474602(please login)
2 Ton SB2S3BS 3" Single Sheave Snatch Block
Hay Fork Pulley
  • 1/2” wire rope or 1-1/4” Manila rope

  • Bronze or roller bearings models

  • 3.3 to 1 Design factor

  • 2000 lb capacity

112-453865(please login)
7 lb HF1S4BE-MR Hay Fork Pulley
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Hay Fork Pulley with Eye Fitting
  • Wire rope measuring up to 1/2" thick

  • Working load limit of 2,000 lb

  • Can be used in rigging

  • Has an eye fitting

112-453869(please login)
7 lb Model HF1S4RE-MR Hay Fork Pulley
Tong Line Block
  • Bronze bushing and roller bearing models

  • Counter balanced system

  • Easy open side plate

  • Center pin lubricated

  • 4 to 1 design factor

112-474807(please login)
2.8 Ton Model TL2.8S8RE 8" Tong Line Block
Laydown Block
  • Bronze bushing and roller bearing models

  • Easy open side plate

  • 4 to 1 Design factor

  • Metric rated

112-474813(please login)
1 Ton LD1S6RH 6" Sheave Lay Down Block
112-1004322(please login)
Crosby 3/8" Shur-Loc swivel hook S-1326 (1ea)
112-1004331(please login)
Crosby 1/2" Shur-Loc swivel hook S-1326 (1ea)
112-1004422(please login)
Crosby S-13326 3/8 shur-loc swivel hook (1ea)
112-1010275(please login)
Crosby G-450 1-1/4in wire rope clip (10ea)
112-1010355(please login)
Crosby G-450 1-3/4in wire rope clip (10ea)
112-1010373(please login)
Crosby G-450 2in wire rope clip (10ea)
112-1010391(please login)
Crosby G-450 2-1/4in wire rope clip (10ea)
112-1012861(please login)
Crosby S-249 twin clevis link 1/4in -5/16in (1ea)
112-1012889(please login)
Crosby S-249 twin clevis link 3/8in (1ea)
112-1012905(please login)
Crosby S-249 7/16in -1/2in twin clevis link (1ea)
112-1013049(please login)
Crosby S-247 double clevis link 5/16in -3/8in (1ea)
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112-1013110(please login)
Crosby G-335 1/4in missing link (10ea)
112-1013174(please login)
Crosby G-335 7/16" Missing Link (10ea)
112-1013192(please login)
Crosby G-335 1/2" Missing Link (10ea)
112-1014431(please login)
Crosby A-336 1/2in lok-a-loy (10ea)
112-1015104(please login)
Crosby A-1337 1/4in Lok-A-Loy G80 Connect Link (10ea)
112-1015145(please login)
Crosby A-1337 5/8in Lok-A-Loy G80 Connect Link (1ea)
112-1015204(please login)
Crosby A-1355 chain choker h ook(5/16)
112-1015213(please login)
Crosby A-1355 chain choker hook 3/8 (1ea)
112-1015222(please login)
Crosby A-1355 chain choker hook 1/2 (1ea)
112-1016091(please login)
Crosby G-402 5/8" eye to eye swivel (1ea)
112-1016117(please login)
Crosby G-402 3/4" eye to eye swivel (1ea)
112-1016439(please login)
Crosby G-403 3/8""jaw end swivel (1ea)
112-1016640(please login)
Crosby AS-7 5 ton bullet style jaw & jaw swivel (1ea)
112-1016649(please login)
Crosby AS-7 8.5 ton bearing swivel (1ea)
112-1017472(please login)
Crosby G-209A alloy screw pin anchor shackle 5720 lbs (1ea)
112-1017516(please login)
Crosby G-209A 5/8 alloy screw pin anchor shackle 1000lb(1ea)
112-1017538(please login)
Crosby G209A 3/4 screw pin anchor shackle (1ea)
112-1017626(please login)
Crosby G-209A 1-1/4 alloy screw pin anchor shackle 39600 lbs (1ea)
112-1018357(please login)
Crosby G-209 3/16in screw pin shackle (1ea)
112-1018384(please login)
Crosby S-209 1/4 anchor shackle (10ea)
112-1018400(please login)
Crosby S-209 5/16 screw pin anchor shackle (10ea)
112-1018446(please login)
Crosby S-209 7/16""anchor shackle ( 1ea)
112-1018464(please login)
Crosby S-209 1/2""screw pin anchor shackle (1ea)
112-1018482(please login)
Crosby S-209 Screw Pin Anchor Shackle (1ea)
112-1018507(please login)
Crosby S-209 3/4in screw pin shackle 4-3/4 ton (1ea)
112-1018614(please login)
Crosby G-209 1-1/2in anchor shackle 17 ton (1ea)
112-1018623(please login)
Crosby S209 1-1/2in anchor shackle sc (1ea)
112-1018632(please login)
Crosby G-209 1-3/4in anchor shackle 25 ton (1ea)
112-1018641(please login)
Crosby S-209 25 ton screw pin shackle self colored (12ea)
112-1018650(please login)
Crosby G-209 2in anchor shackle 35 ton (1ea)
112-1018669(please login)
Crosby S-209 35 ton screw pin shackle self colored (12ea)
112-1018687(please login)
Crosby S-209 55 ton screw pin shackle self colored (1ea)
112-1019258(please login)
Crosby G210 5/8in screw pin (1ea)
112-1019294(please login)
Crosby G-210 7/8in screw pin shackle (1ea)
112-1019464(please login)
Crosby G-2130 3/16in bolt type anchor shackle 1/3 ton (1ea)
112-1019466(please login)
Crosby G-2130 1/4in bolt type anchor shackle (1ea)
112-1019468(please login)
Crosby G-2130 5/16in bolt type anchor shackle (1ea)
112-1019471(please login)
Crosby G-2130 7/16in bolt type anchor shackle (1ea)
112-1019481(please login)
Crosby S-2130 1/2" Bolt Type Anchor Shackle, 2T (1ea)
112-1019506(please login)
Crosby S-2130 5/8" Bolt Type Anchor Shackle, 3.25T (1ea)
112-1019524(please login)
Crosby S-2130 3/4" Bolt Type Anchor Shackle, 4.75T (1ea)
112-1019542(please login)
Crosby S-2130 7/8" Bolt Type Anchor Shackle, 6.5T (1ea)
112-1019597(please login)
Crosby G-2130 1-1/4in bolt type anchor shackle (1ea)
112-1019659(please login)
Crosby G-2130 1-3/4in bolt type anchor shackle (1ea)
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112-1019677(please login)
Crosby G-2130 2in bolt type anchor shackle (1ea)
112-1019695(please login)
Crosby G-2130 2-1/2in bolt type anchor shackle (1ea)
112-1019702(please login)
Crosby S-2130 2-1/2in bolt t
112-1020529(please login)
Crosby S-252 1/2in bolt type sling saver anchor shackle (1ea)
112-102114(please login)
Crosby #404 tail board 6in roller bearing (1ea)
112-102169(please login)
Crosby #404 tail board 8in (1ea)
112-1022271(please login)
Crosby eye hook L-320CN 7.5 ton (1ea)
112-102230(please login)
Crosby #404 tail board 10in (1ea)
112-1022923(please login)
Crosby 3/8in Shur-Loc S-1316 grade 100 eye hook (1ea)
112-1022932(please login)
Crosby 1/2in Shur-Loc S-1316 grade 100 eye hook (1ea)
112-1022941(please login)
Crosby 5/8in Shur-Loc S-1316 grade 100 eye hook (1ea)
112-1023056(please login)
Crosby G-3315 7/16in Snap Hook Eye Slip Hook W/Safety Latch (1ea)
112-1027249(please login)
Crosby A-330 1/4in clevis grab hook spec 7 (1ea)
112-1027267(please login)
Crosby A-330 5/16in alloy clevis grab hook (1ea)
112-1027285(please login)
Crosby A-330 3/8in alloy clevis grab hook (1ea)
112-1027329(please login)
Crosby A-330 1/2in clevis grab hook spec 7 (1ea)
112-1027347(please login)
Crosby A-330 5/8in clevis grab hook spec 7 (1ea)
112-1028033(please login)
Crosby S-A378N sorting hook w/handle (1ea)
112-1029000(please login)
Crosby 1/4" Shur-Loc Clevis Hook, S-1317 (1ea)
112-1029018(please login)
Crosby S-1317 3/8in Shur-Loc clevis grab (1ea)
112-1029027(please login)
Crosby 1/2" Shur-Loc Clevis S-1317 (1ea)
112-1029123(please login)
Crosby BH-313 3 ton excavation weld on hook (1ea)
112-1031252(please login)
Crosby TB 1/4x4 E&E HG-226 (1ea)
112-1031350(please login)
Crosby TB 1/2x12 E&E HG-226 (1ea)
112-1031494(please login)
Crosby TB 3/4x18 E&E HG-226 (1ea)
112-1031537(please login)
Crosby TB 7/8x18 E&E HG-226 (1ea)
112-1031555(please login)
Crosby TB 1X6 E&E HG-226 (1ea)
112-1031591(please login)
Crosby TB 1x18 E&E HG-226 (1ea)
112-1031653(please login)
Crosby HG226 TB 1-1/4x18 E&E (1ea)
112-1031671(please login)
Crosby HG226 TB 1-1/4x24 E&E (1ea)
112-1031715(please login)
Crosby HG226 TB 1-1/2x18 E&E (1ea)
112-1031911(please login)
Crosby HG227 3/8x6 jaw-eye turnbuckle (1ea)
112-1031939(please login)
Crosby TB 1/2x6 J&E HG-227 (1ea)
112-1031975(please login)
Crosby TB 1/2x12 J&E HG-227 (1ea)
112-1032037(please login)
Crosby TB 5/8x12 J&E HG-227 (1ea)
112-1032091(please login)
Crosby TB 3/4x12 J&E HG-227 (1ea)
112-1032215(please login)
Crosby TB 1x18 J&E HG-227 (1ea)
112-1032233(please login)
Crosby TB 1x24 J&E HG-227 (1ea)
112-1032279(please login)
Crosby HG227 TB 1-1/4x18 J&E (1ea)
112-1032297(please login)
Crosby HG227 TB 1-1/4x24 J&E (1ea)
112-1032359(please login)
Crosby HG227 TB 1-1/2x24 J&E (1ea)
112-1032493(please login)
Crosby TB 1/4x4 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
112-1032518(please login)
Crosby HG228 TB 5/16X4-1/2 J&J (1ea)
112-1032536(please login)
Crosby TB 3/8x6 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
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112-1032554(please login)
Crosby TB 1/2x6 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
112-1032590(please login)
Crosby TB 1/2x12 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
112-1032732(please login)
Crosby TB 3/4x18 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
112-1032750(please login)
Crosby TB 7/8x12 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
112-1032778(please login)
Crosby TB 7/8x18 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
112-1032812(please login)
Crosby HG-228 1X12 JawJaw (1ea)
112-1032830(please login)
Crosby TB 1x18 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
112-1032858(please login)
Crosby TB 1x24 J&J HG-228 (1ea)
112-1032894(please login)
Crosby HG228 TB 1-1/4x18 J&J (1ea)
112-1032938(please login)
Crosby HG228 TB 1-1/2x12 J&J (1ea)
112-1032974(please login)
Crosby HG228 TB 1-1/2x24 J&J (1ea)
112-1033036(please login)
Crosby HG228 TB 1-3/4x24 J & J (1ea)
112-1033054(please login)
Crosby HG228 TB J&J 2X24in (1ea)
112-1035027(please login)
Crosby 3/4" S-421T Wedge SKT Super Terminator (1ea)
112-103523(please login)
Crosby #407 8in tail board 20 ton (1ea)
112-1037336(please login)
Crosby G-411 3/8in thimble std wire rope (1ea)
112-1037372(please login)
Crosby G-411 5/8in thimble wire rope std (1ea)
112-1037416(please login)
Crosby G-411 7/8in thimble wire rope std (1ea)
112-1037434(please login)
Crosby G-411 1in thimble wire rope std (1ea)
112-1037452(please login)
Crosby G-411 1-1/8in thimble wire rope std (1ea)
112-1037675(please login)
Crosby G-414 3/8in thimble x-heavy wire rope (1ea)
112-1037719(please login)
Crosby G-414 1/2in 9/16in extra HD wire rope thimble (1ea)
112-1039398(please login)
Crosby S-506 1/2in duplex swage sleeve (1ea)
112-1048146(please login)
Crosby A-1 L-150 w/std hooks 3/8in -1/2in (4ea)
112-1048388(please login)
Crosby L150 A1W walking type 1/2in only (1ea)
112-1048404(please login)
Crosby L-140 ratchet loadbinder 5/16in-3/8 chain size (1ea)
112-1048422(please login)
Crosby L-140 ratchet loadbinder 3/8in-1/2in chain size (1ea)
112-1048468(please login)
Crosby L140 R-10 ratchet loadbinder without links & hooks (1ea)
112-1048840(please login)
Crosby 5ton winch hook w/ latch L-322AN (1ea)
112-1049435(please login)
Crosby 3/8" cradle grab hook L-1338 grade 100(1ea)
112-1049444(please login)
Crosby 1/2" cradle grab hook L-1338 grade 100(1ea)
112-1049489(please login)
Crosby 5/16" locking cl grab hook L-1338 grade 100 (1ea)
112-1049498(please login)
Crosby 3/8" locking cl grab hook L-1338 grade 100 (1ea)
112-1067704(please login)
Crosby HR-1200 Hoist Rings Side Pull - WLL 800 lbs
112-1068030(please login)
Crosby HR-1000 3/4 - 10x3.00 heavy lift swivel hoist rings (1ea)
112-108127(please login)
Crosby #418 snatch block w/hook 6in (1ea)
112-108225(please login)
Crosby #418 snatch block w/hook 8in (1ea)
112-108323(please login)
Crosby #418 snatch block w/hook 10in (1ea)
112-1090125(please login)
Crosby SS-4055 stainless steel hook latch kit (1ea)
112-109153(please login)
Crosby #419 block w/shackle 6in roller bearing (1ea)
112-109224(please login)
Crosby #419 block w/shackle 8in (1ea)
112-109322(please login)
Crosby #419 block w/shackle 10in (1ea)
112-1096325(please login)
Crosby Latch Kit 1-15/32in 1/2in
112-1096421(please login)
Crosby Hook Safety Latch Kit 1-1/2 ton hook (1ea)
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112-1096468(please login)
Crosby Latch Kit 1-29/32in 5/8in
112-1096515(please login)
Crosby 3TC-5TA S-4320 latch kit (1ea)
112-1096562(please login)
Crosby 5TC-7TA latch kit
112-1096609(please login)
Crosby 7.5TC-11TA latch kit
112-1096657(please login)
Crosby S4320 10 ton L style latch (1ea)
112-1096704(please login)
Crosby S4320 15 ton N style latch (1ea)
112-1097798(please login)
Crosby G4065 TB pins f/1-1/4 (1ea)
112-1097805(please login)
Crosby G4065 TB pin 1-1/2 f/HG228 (1ea)
112-1098504(please login)
Crosby S-1325A chain connect or(5/16)
112-1098508(please login)
Crosby S-1325A chain connector 3/8 (1EA)
112-1098512(please login)
Crosby S-1325A chain connector 1/2 (1ea)
112-121095(please login)
Crosby 431 snatch block w/shackle 10in 20 ton (1ea)
112-168972(please login)
Crosby #417 12 ton snatch block w/shackle (1ea)
112-170148(please login)
Crosby HF-3 hay fork 4-1/2in w/hook (1ea)
112-170442(please login)
Crosby pulley hay fork HF-12 #161 swivel eye 6in (1ea)
112-170503(please login)
Crosby HF-13 swivel hayfork pulley (1ea)
112-170567(please login)
Crosby HF-14 swivel eye hayfork pulley (1ea)
112-171012(please login)
Crosby tong block #171 TB-1 swivel eye 6in 1/2 ton (1ea)
112-171101(please login)
Crosby tong block #171 TB-1 swivel eye 10in 2-1/2 ton (1ea)
112-179167(please login)
Crosby #401 tailboard 10in. all alloy (1ea)
112-2003830(please login)
Crosby SHB-20 split overhaul ball 5in OD. (1ea)
112-2003831(please login)
Crosby SHB-50 split overhaul ball 7in OD. (1ea)
112-2020161(please login)
Crosby M-491S Tower/Derrick Block 4 ton 8in
112-2020824(please login)
Crosby 8ton 10in M-491S tower/derrick block for 1/2in -9/16in wire rope
112-2021136(please login)
Crosby M-491S tower/derrick block 12t 14" sheave 5/8 rope size (1ea)
112-2021154(please login)
Crosby M-491S 12ton Tower/Derrick Block 14in sheave 3/4in wire rope (1ea)
112-239067(please login)
Crosby CALL FOR PRICING block single sheave (1ea) 8 ton, 6" dia 458H guyline Wire Size 9/16-5/8
112-239076(please login)
Crosby CALL FOR PRICING block double sheave (1ea) 12 tons 459H Guyline Wire Size 9/16-5/8
112-2701677(please login)
Crosby 2ton IPU10 Vert Clamp (1ea)
112-2703738(please login)
Crosby 1ton Plate Clamp (1ea)
112-297253(please login)
Crosby 5-S-5 eye & eye swivel 5 ton (1ea)
112-297422(please login)
Crosby 8-S-2 swivel jaw & jaw 8-1/2 ton (1ea)
112-297459(please login)
Crosby S-5 eye & eye swivel 8-1/2 ton (1ea)
112-474805(please login)
Gunnebo TL2.8S6RE 3T 1/2 - 5/ Tong Line Block 474805020 (1ea)
112-599800(please login)
Crosby Snatch Block L170H (1ea)
112-599828(please login)
Crosby L170S 5 ton snatch block 1/2in wire size (1ea)
112-8013342(please login)
Crosby AS-17 8.5 ton double seal bearing swivel (1ea)
112-9900191(please login)
Crosby S279 5/16in shoulder eye bolt (1ea)
112-9900226(please login)
Crosby S279 5/8in shoulder eye bolt (1ea)

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