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Wire Wheel Brushes, Cup Brushes, End Brushes, Etc.
Crimped Wire Wheel Brush w/ Shank
  • Applications: rust, scale, paint, dirt, weld spatter removal

  • For internal and external cleaning and deburring

  • Can be used off-hand or on drill presses

078-16467(please login)
1-1/2" x .014 x 1/4" Shank Crimped Wire Wheel (10 ea)
078-16475(please login)
2" x .014 x 1/4" Shank Crimped Wire Wheel (10 ea)
Knot Wire Wheel Brush
  • Blending-finishing, deburring

  • For arc-weld cleaning

  • Pipe cleaning

078-26047(please login)
6" x .0095 x 5/8-11 Knot Wire Wheel Brush (12 ea)
078-26392(please login)
4" Knot Wire Wheel Brush 5/8-11 (6 ea)
Knot Wire Wheel - Stringer Bead
  • For cleaning string bead welds

  • Small width allows it to be used in recessed areas

078-26048(please login)
6-1/2" x .020 x 5/8-11 Knot Wire Wheel
Knot Wire Wheel - High Speed Stringer Bead
  • For stringer bead scale removal

  • Works aggressively, yet smoothly on air tools or portable power tools

078-26369(please login)
4" x .020 x 5/8-11 Knot Wire Wheel (12 ea)
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8" Knot Wheel Heavy Duty - 26129
  • 8” Diameter

  • 5/8” Arbor Diameter

  • 5/8” Width

  • 8000 RPM

078-26129(please login)
8" Knot Wheel
Crimped Wire Brush - Medium Face
  • Applications: rust removal, finishing and cleaning, edge blending, deburring

  • Adaptable to wide range of equipment

078-22074(please login)
7" x .0104 x 2" Arbor Crimped Wire Wheel
078-22076(please login)
7" x .014 x 2" Arbor Crimped Wire Wheel (2 ea)
078-22085(please login)
8" x .0118 x 2" Arbor Crimped Wire Wheel (1 ea)
078-22086(please login)
8" Wire Wheel (.014 x 5/8" x 2" AH) (1 ea)
078-22111(please login)
10" x .0118 x 2" Arbor Crimped Wire Wheel
078-22112(please login)
10" Wheel Wire (.014 x 1-1/4 x 2" AH)
Crimped Wire Brush - Wide Face
  • Fits directly onto 2” dia. Arbors

  • Applications: deburring, rust removal, surface finishing, general cleanup of tools, bench motor brush

078-22006(please login)
6" x .014 x 2" Arbor Crimped Wire Wheel
078-22012(please login)
8" Wire Wheel (.014 x 1-1/2 x 2" AH) (1 ea)
078-22013(please login)
8" x .020 x 2" Arbor Crimped Wire Wheel
Knot Wire End Brush
  • For spot cleaning or facing

  • Slag, rust, and scale removal

  • For ID pipe and deburring

078-30014(please login)
1" x 1-1/8" Knotted End Brush (12 ea)
078-30395(please login)
1" x 2-3/4" x .014 Crimped Knot End Wire Brush (12 ea)
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Crimped Wire End Brush
  • For surface blending, cleaning and polishing

  • Applications: rubber and plastic mold cleaning, removing rust, cleaning castings, burr removal, cleaning pipe, weld scale/spatter

078-30051(please login)
1/2" x 2-3/4" x .006 Crimped Wire End Brush (12 ea)
078-30057(please login)
3/4" x 2-3/4" x .006 Crimped Wire End Brush (12 ea)
Crimped Wire End Brush - Circular
  • Applications: Cleaning welds, molds or metal surfaces, removing rust & paint, polishing molds, tooling & dies, deburring

078-30231(please login)
3"X .008" Circular End Brush (12 ea)
Crimped Wire Cup Brush
  • Smooth cutting action

  • Applications: cleaning of large metal surfaces, removal of burrs, weld scale and rust, edge blending, surface prep

078-32118(please login)
4" Crimp Wire Cup Brush .020 X 5/8-11 (1 ea)
078-32136(please login)
6" x .020 x 5/8-11 Crimped Wire Cup Brush (1 ea)
Knot Wire Cup Brush
  • Applications: removal of weld scale, rust, old paint and corrosion, cleaning and surface prep of metals

078-33015(please login)
6" x .020 x 5/8-11 Knot Wire Cup Brush (10 ea)
078-33050(please login)
6" .020 X 5/8-11 Knot Wire Cup Brush
078-33139(please login)
4" x .020 x 5/8-11 SS Knot Wire Cup Brush (10 ea)
078-33150(please login)
6" x .020 x 5/8-11 Knot Wire Cup Brush
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Knot Wire Cup Brush - High Speed
  • 2-3/4” x .014” x 5/8-11

  • For 4-1/2” and 5” grinders

  • Knot style offers aggressive action

078-33459(please login)
2-3/4" x .014" x5/8-11 Cup Brush Twisted HS (6 ea)
Knot Wire Cup Brush - Heavy Duty
  • Applications: general cleaning, cleaning curved or flat surfaces and corners, pipe bevel buffing

078-33000(please login)
3-1/2" x .020 x 5/8-11 HD Knot Wire Cup Brush (6 ea)
Knot Wire Cup Brush - Stagger Row
  • Applications: cleaning of flat surfaces, angles and corners, surface prep, removal of oils, grease, rust, paint, varnish

078-33198(please login)
5-3/4" x .020 x 5/8-11 Knot Wire Cup Brush (1 ea)
Flue Brush - Double Spiral Straight Wire
  • Premium quality steel filament makes quick work of internally cleaning pipes and flues

078-51060(please login)
3/4" OD Flue Brush - .010 Wire
078-51061(please login)
7/8" OD Flue Brush - .010 Wire
078-51062(please login)
1" OD Flue Brush - .010 Wire
078-51063(please login)
1-1/8" OD Flue Brush - .010 Wire
078-51064(please login)
1-1/4" OD Flue Brush - .010 Wire (12 ea)
078-51065(please login)
1-1/2" OD Flue Brush - .012 Wire (12 ea)
078-51066(please login)
1-3/4" OD Flue Brush - .012 Wire (12 ea)
078-51067(please login)
2" OD Flue Brush - .012 Wire (12 ea)
078-51068(please login)
2-1/4" OD Flue Brush - .012 Wire (12 ea)
078-51069(please login)
2-1/2" OD Flue Brush - .012 Wire (12 ea)
078-51072(please login)
3-1/4" OD Flue Brush - .014 Wire
078-51074(please login)
4" OD Flue Brush - .016 Wire
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Metal Adapter - 2" Arbor
  • Metal adapters for bench wheels

  • For 2” ID hole

078-75021(please login)
1/2" x 2" Metal Adapter Arbor for Bench Wheels (1 pr)
078-75023(please login)
5/8" x 2" Metal Adapter Arbor for Bench Wheels
*Bushing - 75062
078-75062(please login)
Bushing 5/8Id To 3/8Ah
*Grinding Wheel - 80503
078-80503(please login)
4" x 1/4" x 5/8" T27 A24N Grinding Wheel
078-11034(please login)
Osborn 2" crimped wire wheel (12ea)
078-11056(please login)
Osborn 3" crimped wire wheel (12ea)
078-11144(please login)
Osborn 3/8" x 3" nylon wheel .016, 5/8" ah (12ea)
078-16440(please login)
Osborn 1-3/4" x.0118 Cup brush 1/4" shank (10ea)
078-16496(please login)
Osborn 3"wire wheel.014 wire 1/4 shank x 7/16" (10ea)
078-20014(please login)
Osborn 6" x 2"AH Tampico wheel fine brush 1-5/8" fill (1ea) (12cs)
078-21007(please login)
Osborn 4" narrow face wire wheel (6ea)
078-21304(please login)
Osborn 4" small grind crimped wheel (.014x5/8-11NC) (6ea)
078-21514(please login)
Osborn 6"x014 PRO crimp radial wire whl med face 1/2-5/8" (12ea)
078-21583(please login)
Osborn 6"x.006 x 5/8"AH Narrow face crimped wire wheel (12ea)
078-22016(please login)
Osborn 12"x.012 x 2" wire wheel 2" AH crimped wire (1ea)
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078-22066(please login)
Osborn 6"x.014x7/8" Wire wheel 2" AH, medium face (1ea)
078-22149(please login)
Osburn 8" medium face wire wheel 2in center (1ea)
078-22225(please login)
Osborn 12" wheel brush (1ea)
078-26017(please login)
Osborn 4" knot wire wheel 5/16x3/8in (12ea)
078-26088(please login)
Osborn 6-1/2x1/4"x020 Stringer bead wire knot whl 5/8-11(1ea) (12cs)
078-26112(please login)
Osborn 5-7/8" stringer bead knot 5/8-11 NC (12ea)
078-26117(please login)
Osborn 4" knotted cable twist wire wheel .0625 arbor hole (1ea)
078-26121(please login)
Osborn 6"x.012 Knot wire wheel 5/8 AH (12ea)
078-26209(please login)
Osborn 4" knot wire wheel 5/16" x.0140 ss x 3/8" (12ea)
078-26310(please login)
Osborn 4"x020 Knot radial wire whl 5/8-11thrd PRO 20000rpm (6ea)
078-26359(please login)
Osborn 4" x .014 Knot wire whl 5/8-11 thrd 20000rpm (6ea)
078-26363(please login)
Osborn 4"x.020 Stringer bead wire whl 3/8-24thrd 20000rpm (12ea)
078-26400(please login)
Osborn 4" .020 SS x3/8-24 unf ah (12ea)
078-26448(please login)
Osborn 4-7/8" stringer bead wire wheel .020 x 5/8-11 (1ea)
078-30011(please login)
Osborn 3/4in knot .014 end brush (12ea)
078-30012(please login)
Osborn 3/4in knot .020 end brush (12ea)
078-30016(please login)
Osborn 1in knot wire .0104 brush (12ea)
078-30017(please login)
~Osborn 1in knotted end brush (12ea)
078-30018(please login)
Osborn 1in knot end brush .020 1in trim 2-3/4 oal (12ea)
078-30055(please login)
Osborn 1/2in end brush .020 solid face 1/4in shk. (12ea)
078-30063(please login)
~Osborn 1in solid face end brush (12ea)
078-30065(please login)
Osborn 1" Crimped End Brush (12ea)
078-30067(please login)
Osborn 1in x 1/4shk end brush .020 soild face (12ea)
078-30071(please login)
Osborn 1/2in end brush SS (1ea) (12ea)
078-30131(please login)
Osborn 1/2in solid face end brush .0050 SS (12ea)
078-30438(please login)
Osborn 1in .0060 SS 1-1/8 OD plain cup brush (12ea)
078-30604(please login)
Osborn 1/2 encapsulated end brush 1/2x.0200x1/4 shank (12ea)
078-30605(please login)
Osborn 3/4 encapsulated end brush 3/4x.0060x1/4 shank (12ea)
078-30614(please login)
Osborn 1in encapsulated end brush 1x.0200x1/4 shank (12ea)
078-32004(please login)
Osborn 2" crimped cup brush (6ea)
078-32032(please login)
Osborn 2-3/4in cup brush 3/8-24 UNF (6ea)
078-32048(please login)
Osborn 3-1/2in crimped wire cup (1ea)
078-33011(please login)
Osborn 6in knotted wire cup brush (1ea)
078-33021(please login)
Osborn 6in knot cup brush .035 x 5/8-11arbor (1ea)
078-33022(please login)
Osborn 6in knot brush .025 x 5/8-11 (1ea)
078-33049(please login)
Osborn 6in 5/8NC knotted SS wire cup brush (1ea)
078-33051(please login)
Osborn 4in knot wire cup brush .014 x 5-8-11 (1ea)
078-33052(please login)
Osborn 2-3/4" x.014 Knot wire cup brush 5/8-11mt PRO (6ea)
078-33053(please login)
Osborn 2-3/4" Knot wire cup brush .020 x 5/8-11 PRO (6ea)
078-33133(please login)
~Osborn 4in knot wire cup (1ea) (10cs)
078-33134(please login)
Osborn 6" Knotted wire cup bsh SS 5/8-11x 0.02 (1ea)
078-33137(please login)
Osborn 4in knotted wire cup brush (1ea) (10cs)
078-33138(please login)
Osborn 4in 5/8-11NC knotted cup brush (10ea)
078-33359(please login)
Osborn 2-3/4in knotted cup brush 5/8-11 (6ea)
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078-33367(please login)
~Osborn 2-3/4in .014 SS knotte cup brush 5/8-11 (6ea)
078-33467(please login)
Osborn 2-3/4in small grind knot cup (6ea)
078-33972(please login)
Osborn 5in knotted wire cup brush .026 1-1/16 arb (1ea)
078-36012(please login)
Osborn 1/4in Spiral Tube Brush (12ea)
078-36033(please login)
Osborn 1/2in Spiral Tube Brush (12ea)
078-36052(please login)
Osborn 3/4in Spiral Tube Brush (12ea)
078-36073(please login)
Osborn 1in Spiral Tube Brush (12ea)
078-36716NG(please login)
Osborn 1/2 spiral tube brush (.005x3/16 stem) (12ea)
078-51105(please login)
Osborn 1-1/4 nylon tube brush 5x15-1/2 .010 nylon (12ea)
078-51106(please login)
Osborn 1-1/2 nylon tube brush 5x15-1/2 .010 nylon (12ea)
078-51108(please login)
Osborn 2in nylon tube brush 5x15-1/2 .010 nylon (12ea)
078-54022(please login)
Osborn 3 x 7 rows scratch brush SS curved hdl. (36ea)
078-54047(please login)
Osborn 4 X 18 rows plater brush shoe hdl. (12ea)
078-70072(please login)
Osborn 3in white china bristle varnish brush (12ea)
078-70073(please login)
Osborn 4in white china bristle varnish brush (12ea)
078-70092(please login)
Osborn 3/4" Letter & paint brush (12ea)
078-70102(please login)
Osborn 3/4" Flat artists brush black bristle (12ea)
078-75022(please login)
Osborn 5/8" Arbor x 2" AH Adap (1pr)
078-75025(please login)
Osborn 1" Arbor x 2" AH Adap (1pr)
078-75146(please login)
Osborn warehouse corn broom (6ea)
078-75253(please login)
Osborn 1/2in pipe tube brush (41/64 x 6-3/8in) .008 steel (12ea)
078-77371(please login)
Osborn 2in flex brush (12ea)
078-83003(please login)
Osborn 10in econo scratch brush shoe hdl..014 (12ea)
078-83008(please login)
Osborn 10"" econo scratch brus SS shoe hdl..012 (12ea)
078-86130(please login)
Osborn 2" Economy paint brush polyester general purpose(12ea
078-99010(please login)
Osborn 8in .014 crimped wire wheel narrow face 5/8-1/2 AH (1ea)
078-99016(please login)
Osborn 7in 014 crimped wire wheel med face 2in AH (1ea)
078-99017(please login)
Osborn 8in 014 crimped wire wheel brush med face 2in AH (1ea)
078-99068(please login)
Osborn 4"x.014-Knot wire wheel w/5/8-1/2"arbor hole 20000rpm (1ea)
078-99102(please login)
Osborn 1in knot style end brush 1/4in shank (1ea)
078-99118(please login)
Osborn Grit wheel 3"odx180gritx1/4shank (1ea)
078-99121(please login)
Osborn grit cup 2"odx80gritx1/4"shank (1ea)

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