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Band, Buckles, Clamps, Banding Tools, etc.
Banding Tool
  • Spring loaded gripper lever

  • Drop forged tool with built in cutter

  • For use on band widths of 3/16" to 3/4"

044-C00169(please login)
3/16"-3/4" Banding Tool (1 ea)
HD Banding Tool
  • Spring loaded gripper lever

  • Drop forged tool with built in cutter

  • Tensions over 3,300 pounds of force

  • Tensions and cuts off the tail of the clamp

044-C00369(please login)
3/16"-3/4" HD Banding Tool
Center Punch Tool
  • 3/8" adapter included

  • Center Punch style lock

  • Ratchet action tensioning tool

044-T30069(please login)
Center Punch Tool (1 ea)
Banding Bantam Tool
  • Built in cutter

  • Useful in tight areas

  • Compact and lightweight

  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance

044-C07569(please login)
3/16"-3/4" Banding Bantam Tool (1 ea)
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Banding Ratchet Tool
  • Use with medium strength applications

  • Tensions and cuts off the tail of the clamp

  • For easy loading and removing of material

044-C40099(please login)
3/16"-3/4" Banding Ratchet Tool
Pok-It II Tool w/Cutter
  • Compact design

  • Installs 3/16" – 3/8" band and buckle and BAND-IT Jr.® clamps

  • Enables a quick strong tensioning for narrow band clamps

044-J02069(please login)
Pok-It Tool w/ Cutter 1/4" - 3/8" (1 ea)
Center Punch Clamp 201 SS
  • Lock with impact from a hammer using a conical punch

  • Double wrapped using stainless steel or galvanized carbon steel

044-CP0699(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 1-1/2" GCS Center Punch Clamp
044-CP6S99(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 1-1/2" 201SS Center Punch Clamp
044-CP8S99(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 2" 201SS Center Punch Clamp
044-CP10S9(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 2-1/2" 201SS Center Punch Clamp (50/bx)
044-CP11S9(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 2-3/4" 201SS Center Punch Clamp (50/bx)
044-CP12S9(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 3" 201SS Center Punch Clamp (50/bx)
044-CP1699(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 4" GCS Center Punch Clamp
044-CP16S9(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 4" 201SS Center Punch Clamp (25/bx)
044-CP20S9(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 5" 201SS Center Punch Clamp (25/bx)
044-CP2099(please login)
5/8" x .025" x 5" Center Punch Clamp (25/bx)
044-CP28S9(please login)
5/8" x .025 x 7" 201SS Center Punch Clamp (25/bx)
Banding Buckles 201 SS
  • Wide variety of materials, widths and thickness

  • Can be formed to virtually any diameter & shape

  • High strength fastening and clamping

044-C25399(please login)
3/8" Buckles Ear-Lokt Style 201SS .043
044-C25499(please login)
1/2" Buckles Ear-Lokt Style 201SS .050 (100/bx)
044-C25599(please login)
5/8" Buckles Ear-Lokt Style 201SS .060 (100/bx)
044-C25699(please login)
3/4" Buckles Ear-Lokt Style 201SS .070
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Banding Clip
  • Made from 316 stainless

  • Holds a single or double wrapped band

  • Band can be formed over any contour or shape

044-AE4559(please login)
5/8" 316SS Clip 100/bx
201 SS Stainless Steel Bands
  • Bright annealed finish

  • Use with 044-C00169 Band-It® Tool

044-C20399(please login)
3/8" x 100' x 0.025 201SS Roll (1 roll)
044-C20499(please login)
1/2" x 100' x 0.030 201SS Roll (1 roll)
044-C20599(please login)
5/8" x 100' x 0.030 201SS Roll (1 roll)
044-C20699(please login)
3/4" x 100' x 0.030 201SS Roll
201 SS Band-Fast w/Buckles
  • Ready to use band, pre-cut and pre-assembled with a clip

  • Pre-assembled product saves up to 30% time and labor costs

  • Can do the job faster and with less scrap material

044-L20499(please login)
1/4" x 16" 201SS Band-Fast w/Buckles (Bx/100) (1 box)
044-L20899(please login)
1/4" x 26" 201SS Band-Fast w/Buckles (Bx/100) (1 box)
316 SS Stainless Steel Bands
  • Superior corrosion resistance

  • Available with halogen free coating

  • Application tool for coated band: C07569

  • Application tool for uncoated band: C00169 or C07569

044-AE4349(please login)
1/2" Coated Band 316SS 82.5' Roll
044-AE4359(please login)
5/8" Coated Band 316SS 82.5' Roll
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*Reusable Ties - Nylon Coated
  • Reusable

  • Nylon 11 coating

  • Constructed of 200/300 Stainless Steel

  • One-piece construction with unique buckle designs

044-AA8638(please login)
5/8" x 12" SS Nylon Coated Reusable Ties (100/Bag)
*Jr. Preformed Clamps - J21099
  • Stainless Steel 201

  • 3/4” x 0.030” x 2-3/4”

  • 50 per box

044-J21099(please login)
3/4" x 0.030" x 2-3/4" Jr. Clamp 201SS (50/box)
*Hose Nipple - E02299
044-E02299(please login)
1/2" NPT Hose Nipple Plated Steel Swaged Male
044-A91079(please login)
Band-It mini tie-lok II tool A910 (1ea)
044-A92079(please login)
Band-It Tie-Lok II Tool (1ea)
044-A94079(please login)
Band-It 1/4" Ultra-Lok Tool (1ea)
044-AE0439(please login)
Band-It easy read carrier (100/bag)
044-AE0609-100(please login)
Band-It easy read kit 316 SS (1ea)
044-AE3138(please login)
Band-It coated ties 3/8x12 316 SS (100 bag)
044-AE3148(please login)
Band-It coated ties 3/8x18 316 SS (100 bag)
044-AE4339(please login)
Band-It coated band 316SS 3/8in x82.5ft (1ea)
044-AE4369(please login)
Band-It 3/4" X 82.5' SS Roll 316 SS Coated Band
044-AE4529(please login)
Band-It 1/4in buckles f/AE4329 316SS 100/Bx (1box)
044-AE4539(please login)
Band-It 3/8" Buckles f/AE4349 100/Bx (1box)
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044-AE4549(please login)
Band-It 1/2in buckles f/AE4349 100/Bx (1box)
044-AS2119(please login)
Band-it 1/4" x 0.015x 10.0" Tie-Lok ties (100 p/ bag)
044-AS2129(please login)
Band-It 1/4" x 16.5" x 0.015" 304SS Tie-Lok Ties (100/bag)
044-AS4119(please login)
Band-It 1/4x16.5in 316SS tie-loc (100/bag)
044-AU3089(please login)
Band-It 1/4" x 24" 304SS Ultra-Lok Ties (100/bag)
044-BFVC-J0825-018-U(please login)
Band-It 1/2" x 18" Value Clip Band-Fast with Color-It (100/bx) (1 box) Call for Pricing
044-C00269(please login)
Band-It hand tool Jr. SM ID clamp (1ea)
044-C144C9-P400(please login)
Band-It 201SS 1/2 x .025 x 100 polyester green (1ea)
044-C144C9-P550(please login)
Band-It 201SS 1/2 x .025 x 100 polyester light blue (1ea)
044-C144C9-P900(please login)
Band-It Black Polyester, 1/2"x 100' Stainless Steel Strapping (Roll)
044-C15499(please login)
Band-It ValuClip 1/2" 201 SS 100 / BOX
044-C15599(please login)
Band-It 5/8" SS Valuclips (100ea)
044-C15699(please login)
Band-It 3/4in SS valuclips (100ea)
044-C20299(please login)
Band-It strapping 1/4x100x0.020 201SS (100RL)
044-C203Y9(please login)
Band-It Idex yellow 3/8 x 100 x 0.025 201SS (100RL)
044-C204B9(please login)
Band-It Idex blue 1/2 x 100 x 0.030 201SS (100ft roll)
044-C205G9(please login)
Band-It Idex green 5/8 x 100 x 0.030 201SS (100ft roll)
044-C206C9-P900(please login)
Band-It Black Coated 3/4x100x0.030 201SS (100RL)
044-C206R9(please login)
Band-It Band red tote 3/4x0.030x100ft (100 ea)
044-C25299(please login)
Band-It 1/4in buckles Ear-Lokt style 201SS .029 (100BX)
044-C27699(please login)
Band-It 1/2in band & buckle kit w/poly case (1ea)
044-C30499(please login)
Band-It 1/2in galv carbon 100ft x 0.030 band (100ft roll)
044-C30699(please login)
Band-It 3/4" x 0.03" x 100' GCS Band (1ea)
044-C35699(please login)
Band-It 3/4" Ear-lokt buckle galv carbon steel (100/bx)
044-C40499(please login)
Band-It 316SS band 1/2in x 0.030 x 100ft (100ft roll)
044-C40699(please login)
Band-It 316SS 3/4x.030x100ft (100ft roll)
044-C45399(please login)
Band-it Ear-Lokt Buckle 100 Per Box (1BOX)
044-C72299(please login)
Band-It 3/8in Scru-Lokt buckles (50/Bx)
044-C72499(please login)
Band-It 1/2in Scru-Lokt buckles (25/Bx)
044-CP0799(please login)
Band-It center punch clamp GCS 5/8in X0.025in 1-3/4 diameter (100bx)
044-CP0999(please login)
Band-It GCS center punch clamp 5/8" x 0.025" 2-1/4 diameter (100bx)
044-CP1099(please login)
Band-It C punch clamp GCS 5/8in X.025 2-1/2 (50/bx)
044-CP1199(please login)
Band-It 5/8in wide x 0.025in thick 2-3/2in dia galv carbon steel center punch clamp (50 per box)
044-CP1299(please login)
Band-It 3in center punch clamp 5/8in x.025 50ea (1box)
044-CP1499(please login)
Band-It C punch clamp GCS 5/8in X.025 3-1/2 (50/bx)
044-CP14S9(please login)
Band-It C punch clamp 201SS 5/8x0.025 3-1/2 dia (50/Bx)
044-CP1899(please login)
Band-It C punch clamp GCS 5/8in X.025 4-1/2 (25/bx)
044-CP18S9(please login)
Band-It C Punch Clamp 201 SS 5/8X.025 4-1/2 Dia. (25/BX)
044-CP24S9(please login)
Band-It C punch clamp 201SS 5/8x0.025 6 dia (25 bx)
044-CP311S(please login)
Band-It 3/8x025 Center Punch Clamp 1-3/8 Diam (100 box)
044-CP32S9(please login)
Band-It C punch clamp 201SS 5/8x0.025 8in dia (25 bx)
044-CP3S99(please login)
Band-It 3/8x025 Center Punch Clamp 13/16in Diam (100box)
044-CP4S99(please login)
Band-It C punch clamp 201SS 5/8x0.025 1in dia (50/bx)
044-G43299(please login)
Band-It giant band 201SS 1-1/4x0.044x100shiney (1ea)
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044-G44199(please login)
Band-It 1in SS giant buckle Ear-Lokt (25ea)
044-G44299(please login)
Band-It 1-1/4in giant buckle Ear-Lokt (25ea)
044-J00169(please login)
Band-It Jr. adapter (1ea)
044-J05069(please login)
Band-It Jr. heavy duty adapter (1ea)
044-JS2019(please login)
Band-It Jr. smooth clamp 201SS3/4 x 0.030 13/16in (100bx)
044-JS2149(please login)
Band-It Jr. smooth clamp 201SS3/4 x 0.030 4-1/2 (25bx)
044-JS2179(please login)
Band-It Jr. smooth clamp 201SS 3/4 x 0.030 6-1/2 (25bx)
044-JS2319(please login)
Band-It Jr. smooth I.D. clamp 201SS 1/2x0.030 1-1/2 dia. (100ea)
044-JS2339(please login)
Band-It Jr. smooth clamp 201SS 1/2x.030 2-1/2 dia. (100bx)
044-JS2469(please login)
Band-It Jr. smooth clamp 201SS 3/8"x.025 3" (100bx)
044-JS2479(please login)
Band-It Jr. smooth clamp 201SS 1/2x.030 3-1/2 (100bx)
044-JS3039(please login)
Band-It Jr. smooth I.D. clamp GCS 1/2in X0.030in 1in dia (100bx)
044-JS4489(please login)
Band-It Jr. 4" ID 316ss smooth clamp 3/8" x 0.025" (100/box)
044-K50289(please login)
Band-It Ball-Lok tool for SS ties (1ea)
044-KE0128(please login)
Band-It Ball-Lok ties 7.9x3/16 in 316ss (100 bag)
044-KE1338(please login)
Band-It BAll-Lok Tie 304SS, 5/16" x 0.010x10.2" 100/bag
044-KT6B150-0500(please login)
Band-It Ball-Lok 19.7in Tie 316SS (50 per bag)
044-KT6B150-0600(please login)
Band-It Ball-Lokt Tie, 316SS 0.59" x 0.014" x 23.6" Coated 100/case
044-L15499(please login)
Band-It free end clip 1/2in 201SS (100/bx)
044-L15699(please login)
Band-It free end clip 3/4in 201SS (100/bx)
044-L22999(please login)
Band-It Band-Fast w/clip 3/8in x0.025in x 44in 201ss (25ea)
044-L28899(please login)
Band-It 201SS 3/4" Bands 25/Box
044-S03869(please login)
Band-It light duty center punch tool (1ea)
044-T28088(please login)
*Band-It head assembly kit for T30069 (1ea)
044-T32190(please login)
Band-It repair kit f/T30069 disc tool (1ea)

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