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Industrial Spray Paints, Aerosol
Lubes, Belt Dressing, Paint Remover, Cold Galv., Degreasers etc.
Acryli-Quik Lacquer

  • Uniform coverage

  • Tough, high-glass finish

  • Dries in 12 minutes or less

  • Hard, protective, durable finish

  • Use both indoors and outdoors

  • No recoat window, recoat anytime

  • For industrial maintenance and touch-up applications

065-K01501(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Gloss White
065-K01502(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Flat White
065-K01508(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Semi Gloss White
065-K01601(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Gloss Black
065-K01602(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Flat Black
065-K01604(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Shadow Gray
065-K01605(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Stone Gray
065-K01608(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Smoke Gray
065-K01613(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Semi-Flat Black
065-K01806(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Sun Yellow
065-K01901(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Regal Blue
065-K01910(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Safety Blue
065-K02001(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Hunter Green
065-K02016(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Emerald Green
065-K02101(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Cherry Red
065-K02108(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Banner Red
065-K02501(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Leather Brown
065-K02504(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball - Khaki
Acryli-Quik Clear Lacquer

  • Non-yellowing

  • Moisture-resistant

  • Dries to handle in 2 hours

  • Dries to touch in 10-15 minutes

  • Permanent, protective gloss finish

065-K01301(please login)
Acrylic Quik 5-Ball - Crystal Clear
Acryli-Quik Primer

  • High-gloss finish

  • Increases paint adhesion

  • Primes, seals and protects

  • Dries in 12 minutes or less

  • Smoothes uneven surfaces

  • Use both indoors and outdoors

065-K01315(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball Primer - White
065-K01316(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball Primer - Black
065-K01317(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball Primer - Ruddy Brown
065-K01318(please login)
Acryli-Quik 5-Ball Primer - Gray
Rust Tough Acrylic Enamel

  • Dries to handle in 1 hr

  • Dries to touch in 25 min

  • For both indoor and outdoor use

  • Complete coverage with one coat

  • State-of-the-art corrosion protection

065-R00159(please login)
Rust Tough - Aluminum
065-R00249(please login)
Rust Tough - Safety Blue
065-R00259(please login)
Rust Tough - Deep Blue
065-R00339(please login)
Rust Tough - OSHA Safety Green
065-R00379(please login)
Rust Tough - Dark Green
065-R00439(please login)
Rust Tough - Safety Yellow
065-R00559(please login)
Rust Tough - Safety Orange
065-R00639(please login)
Rust Tough - Safety Red
065-R00649(please login)
Rust Tough - Bright Red
065-R00759(please login)
Rust Tough - Chestnut Brown
065-R00779(please login)
Rust Tough - Semi-Gloss Black
065-R00799(please login)
Rust Tough - Gloss Black
065-R00839(please login)
Rust Tough - Light Machinery Gray
065-R00879(please login)
Rust Tough - Dark Machinery Gray
065-R00919(please login)
Rust Tough - Semi-Gloss White
065-R00929(please login)
Rust Tough - Gloss White
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Rust Tough Primer

  • Dries to handle in 1 hr

  • Dries to touch in 25 min

  • Increases paint adhesion

  • Primes, seals and protects

  • For both indoor and outdoor use

  • Complete coverage with one coat

065-R00699(please login)
Rust Tough Primer - Red Oxide
065-R00829(please login)
Rust Tough Primer - Gray
Rust Tough High Heat Paint
065-R00769(please login)
Rust Tough High Heat - Black
Rust Tough Fluorescent Paint

  • Fast dry

  • Glows under UV lighting

  • Dries to handle in 1 hour

  • Dries to touch in 25 minutes

  • Resists chipping and peeling

  • For both indoor and outdoor use

  • Complete coverage with one coat

  • State-of-the-art corrosion protection

065-R10339(please login)
Rust Tough - Fluorescent Green
065-R10559(please login)
Rust Tough - Fluorescent Orange
Tough Coat Acrylic Alkyd Enamel

  • Fast-drying

  • Acrylic alkyd enamel

  • Smooth, even coverage

  • Excellent color retention

  • Dries to the touch in 15 min

  • For both indoor and outdoor use

  • Tough, protective coating resists chipping and peeling

065-S00325(please login)
Tough Coat - Machinery Dark Gray
065-S01003(please login)
Tough Coat - International Harvester Red
065-S01110(please login)
Tough Coat - OSHA Red
065-S01310(please login)
Tough Coat - OSHA Yellow
065-S01470(please login)
Tough Coat - OSHA Green
065-S01510(please login)
Tough Coat - OSHA Blue
065-S01540(please login)
Tough Coat - Light Blue
065-S01615(please login)
Tough Coat - Medium Gray
065-S01760(please login)
Tough Coat - Aluminum
065-S01770(please login)
Tough Coat - OSHA Black
065-S01800(please login)
Tough Coat - OSHA White
065-S03727(please login)
Tough Coat - Max Flat Black
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Tough Coat Fluorescent
065-S01811(please login)
Tough Coat - Fluorescent Orange
Tough Coat Rebar Green Epoxy

  • Fast-drying

  • Smooth, even coverage

  • Excellent hiding characteristics

  • Use both indoors and outdoors

  • Dries to the touch in just 15 minutes

  • Ideal for light- to heavy- duty painting projects

  • Tough, protective coating resists chipping and peeling

065-K01732(please login)
Tough Coat - Epoxy Rebar Green
Tough Coat High Heat Paint

  • Fast-drying

  • Smooth, even coverage

  • Excellent color retention

  • Ideal for light-to-heavy painting projects

  • Tough, protective coating resists chipping and peeling

065-S00332(please login)
Tough Coat - High Heat Black
Tough Coat Primer

  • Fast-drying

  • Smooth, even coverage

  • Excellent color retention

  • Dries to the touch in 15 min

  • Ideal for light-to-heavy-duty painting projects

  • Tough, protective coatings resists chipping and peeling

065-S00341(please login)
Tough Coat Primer - Light Gray Sandable
065-S00342(please login)
Tough Coat - Red Oxide Sandable
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Quik-Mark WB Inverted Marking Paint - APWA

  • Fast-drying

  • VOC compliant

  • Free of lead hazards

  • Convenient Spray Thru™ cap

  • Penetrates and adheres to hot surfaces

  • Boldest, brightest and most visible markings

065-S03403(please login)
Quik-Mark WB APWA - Brilliant Orange
065-S03801(please login)
Quik-Mark WB APWA - Utility Yellow
065-S03901(please login)
Quik-Mark WB APWA - Brilliant White
065-S03911(please login)
Quik-Mark WB APWA - Brilliant Red
Quik-Mark WB Inverted Marking Paint - Clear
065-S03500(please login)
Quik-Mark WB - Clear
Quik-Mark WB Inverted Marking Paint - Fluorescent
065-S03612(please login)
Quik-Mark WB - Fluorescent Pink
065-S03620(please login)
Quik-Mark WB - Fluorescent Caution Blue
065-S03630(please login)
Quik-Mark WB - Fluorescent Green
065-S03700(please login)
Quik-Mark WB - Fluorescent Orange
Quik-Mark SB Inverted Marking Paint - APWA
065-S03611(please login)
Quik-Mark SB APWA - Red
065-S03621(please login)
Quik-Mark SB APWA - Blue
065-S03631(please login)
Quik-Mark SB APWA - Green
065-S03731(please login)
Quik-Mark SB APWA - Bright Orange
065-S03821(please login)
Quik-Mark SB APWA - Hi-Viz Yellow
065-S03823(please login)
Quik-Mark SB APWA - Safety Yellow
065-S03900(please login)
Quik-Mark SB APWA - White
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Quik-Mark SB Inverted Marking Paint - Fluorescent
065-S03613(please login)
Quik-Mark SB - Fluorescent Safety Red
065-S03614(please login)
Quik-Mark SB - Fluorescent Green
065-S03622(please login)
Quik-Mark SB - Fluorescent Hot Pink
065-S03701(please login)
Quik-Mark SB - Fluorescent Red/Orange
065-S03702(please login)
Quik-Mark SB - Fluorescent Orange
Metallic Paint

  • Indoor use

  • Dries to handle 1 hour

  • Dries to touch 15 minutes

  • Brilliant metallic-like finish

  • Glistening metallic pigments

065-K01401(please login)
Metallic Bright Silver Paint
065-K01403(please login)
Dull Aluminum Metallic Paint
065-K01404(please login)
Metallic Chrome Aluminum Paint
065-K01701(please login)
Metallic Bright Gold
065-K01706(please login)
Metallic Gold
BBQ & Stove Paint

  • Protects against rust

  • Use indoor and outdoor

  • Dries to handle in 1 hour

  • Dries to touch in 15 minutes

  • For BBQ grills and wood-burning stoves

  • Durable finish with Thermo-Guard protection

065-K01618(please login)
High Heat Black Stove Paint
065-K01407(please login)
BBQ & Stove Aluminum High Heat Paint
Farm & Implement Paint

  • Fast drying

  • Original equipment colors

  • High-glass, factory-like colors

  • Weather and chemical resistant

065-K01934(please login)
John Deere/Case Yellow Paint
065-K01932(please login)
John Deere/Case Green Paint
065-K01933(please login)
International Harvester Red Paint
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OSHA Paint

  • Dries to handle in 1 hr

  • Dries to touch in 12 min

  • High visibility safety colors

  • Mark physical hazards

  • Designate caution for workers’ safety

  • Meet color standards approved by the OSHA

065-K01813(please login)
OSHA Safety Yellow
065-K01929(please login)
OSHA Safety Purple
065-K02012(please login)
OSHA Safety Green
065-K02116(please login)
OSHA Safety Red
065-K02410(please login)
OSHA Safety Orange
065-K02416(please login)
OSHA Safety Blue
Fluorescent Paint

  • Brilliant optical effect

  • Dries in 15 minutes or less

  • Paints glow under black light

  • For both indoor and outdoor use

  • Bold neon colors for high visibility

  • Apply over white base coat for optimum brightness

065-K03101(please login)
Fluorescent Red Orange
065-K03102(please login)
Fluorescent Yellow
065-K03105(please login)
Fluorescent Red/Cerise
065-K03106(please login)
Fluorescent Green
Dual Superbond Paint + Primer
065-K08814007(please login)
Dual Superbond Paint + Primer - Gloss Piston Grey
065-K08820007(please login)
Dual Superbond Paint + Primer - True Blue
065-K08805007(please login)
Dual Superbond Paint + Primer - Cherry Red
Wheeler Hand Held Marking Wand

  • 34" in length

  • Reduce finger fatigue

  • Comfortable pistol grip

  • Improves marking accuracy

  • Applies a 1 to 1-1/2” width of paint

  • Durable plastic and lightweight steel

  • Wheels allow for clean and straight lines

065-K07096(please login)
34" Marking Wheel Wand
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Paint Mitt

  • One size fits all

  • Synthetic fabric

  • Can also be used for cleaning

  • Plastic liner keeps hand clean and dry

065-KRY991912000(please login)
Paint Mitt
Engine Paint with Ceramic
  • Resists temperatures up to 500°F

  • Durable ceramic formulation

  • Superior high gloss finishes

  • Oil and gas resistant

065-DE1620(please login)
12 oz Engine Paint - Chevy Orange
065-DE1631(please login)
12 oz Engine Paint - Chrysler Blue
All-Purpose Lubricant

  • Ultra-thin film

  • Contains no silicone

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Penetrates and prevents rust

  • Displaces moisture and lubricates

  • Resists the collection of abrasive particles

  • Transparent blend of high quality petroleum distillates

065-S00711(please login)
LU711 11 oz the Protector All-Purpose Lubricant
065-S71101(please login)
LU711 gal The Protector All-Purpose Lubricant
065-S71105(please login)
711 5 gal The Protector All-Purpose Lubricant
065-S71155(please login)
711 55 gal Protector All-Purpose Lubricant
White Lithium Grease

  • Non-melting

  • Inhibits corrosion

  • Excellent cling for overhead applications

  • Excellent lubricant for metal-to-metal applications

065-S00100(please login)
LU100 White Lithium Grease
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Rust Breaker Penetrant

  • Non-flammable

  • Water displacer

  • Quickly loosens rust

  • Penetrates grease and dirt

  • Transparent and non-staining

  • Will not harm painted surfaces

065-S00103(please login)
16 oz LU103 Rust Breaker Penetrant
Dry Moly Lubricant

  • Non-conductive lubricant

  • Low coefficient of friction

  • Bonds to all clean surfaces

  • Molybdenum disulfide coating

  • Withstands extreme pressures up to 50,000 PSI

065-S00200(please login)
Dry Moly Lube
Open Gear & Wire Rope Lubricant

  • Prevents rust and corrosion

  • Withstands extreme pressure

  • Adheres extremely well to surfaces

  • Penetrates the pores of metal surfaces

  • Can be applied while equipment is running

  • Black color assists in showing complete coverage

  • Will not become brittle or breakdown while working

065-S00201(please login)
HD Open Gear & Wire Rope Lube
Dry Graphite Lubricant

  • Dries rapidly

  • Reduces friction and water

  • Provides clean, long-wearing lubrication

  • High lubricity and adheres to most surfaces

065-S00204(please login)
16 oz Dry Graphite Lubricant Spray
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Cutting Oil

  • Extends tool life

  • Clings to surfaces

  • Reduces friction and water

  • Works on ferrous and soft metals

  • Contains friction reducing triglycerides

065-S00208(please login)
Cutting Oil
HD Citrus Degreaser

  • Non-Toxic

  • Citrus scent

  • Biodegradable

  • Non-chlorinated formula

  • Removes grime, dirt, grease and oil

  • Heavy duty, multi-purpose degreaser and adhesive

065-S00757(please login)
20 oz CD757 HD Citrus Degreaser
General Purpose Cleaner

  • Streak proof

  • VOC Compliant

  • Streak proof formula

  • Works on all surfaces

  • Removes spots on synthetic carpets

  • Cuts through dirt, grease and soil surface smears

065-S00880(please login)
19 oz General Purpose Cleaner
Clear Insulating Varnish

  • Fast-drying

  • Air dries in 10 minutes

  • Clear insulating enamel

  • Resists oil, moisture, acid and alkalis

  • Oil and chemical abrasion resistance

  • Excellent flexibility and water resistance

  • Provides a smooth, glossy surface which sheds dirt

065-S00600A(please login)
Clear Insulating Varnish
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Red Insulating Varnish

  • Water resistant

  • Air dries in 10 minutes

  • Excellent adhesion and flexibility

  • Resists oil, moisture, acid and alkalis

  • Meets NEMA & UL Class F Requirements

065-S00601A(please login)
Red Insulating Varnish
Zinc Rich Galvanizing Compound

  • Low VOC

  • 97% Pure zinc dust

  • Non-sagging formula

  • High performance primer

  • Stops rust on steel or galvanized coatings

065-S00740(please login)
16 oz Zinc-Rich Cold Galvanizing Compound
Belt Dressing

  • Conditions belts

  • Reduces squeaky noise

  • Increases pulling power

  • Contains no asphalt or rosin

  • Does not glaze or collect dirt

  • Will not glaze, collect dirt or dust

065-S00607(please login)
Belt Dressing
HD Paint Remover

  • Removes baked finishes

  • Fast acting paint remover

  • Contains methylene chloride

  • Cuts through all paint finishes

  • Leaves surface clean and ready-to-paint

  • Removes urethanes, varnish and shellac

065-S00615(please login)
Heavy Duty Paint Remover
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Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive

  • Dries quickly

  • Controlled mist pattern

  • Does not contain CFSs

  • VOC and MIR Compliant

  • Long lasting, secure bonds

  • Tack Range: 10-30 seconds

  • High coverage and low soak-in factor

065-S07000000(please login)
SP7000 24 oz Multi-purpose Spray Adhesive
Insect Repellant

  • 23.75% DEET

  • No need for frequent re-application

  • Protects against insect bites up to 4 hours

  • Effectively repels mosquitoes, flies, chiggers,

ticks, gnats, fleas, etc.

065-S00856(please login)
8 oz Insect Repellant II
Wasp & Hornet Killer

  • Sprays up to 20’

  • 98% Knockdown

  • Will not harm plastics

  • 100% Kill within 24 hrs

  • Ergonomic trigger spray nozzle

  • For killing wasps, hornets, yellow jackets

  • Contains a high amount of petroleum distillates

065-S00857(please login)
12 oz Blast-Em Wasp & Hornet Killer Spray
Silicone Rubber - All Purpose

  • RTV formula

  • Non-shrinking

  • Excellent adhesion

  • 100% silicone sealant

  • Resists moisture and mildew

  • Highly flexible, watertight seal

065-W11121010(please login)
10 oz 100% Silicone Clear
065-W11120010(please login)
10 oz 100% Silicone White
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Clear Protective Coating

  • Minimizes leakage

  • Helps prolong battery life

  • Assures continued high-voltage output

  • Valuable tool for stopping terminal corrosion

  • Creates an airtight, waterproof, insulated seal

065-K01307(please login)
Clear Protective Coating (Battery Protector)
065-99060330(please login)
Rubberset 3" White China Chip Brush (12ea)
065-AN2(please login)
Krylon 2 in chip brush 2 IN. Chip Brush (24 ea) 99060320
065-AN4(please login)
Krylon 4 in chip brush Double Thick (12 ea) 99060340
065-AT3701(please login)
Krylon QuikMark SB red-orange fluorescent inverted marking paint 20oz (12ea)
065-K01336(please login)
Krylon battery cleaner (6ea)
065-K01606(please login)
Krylon 5-Ball pewter gray (6ea)
065-K01909(please login)
Krylon Ford blue engine paint (6ea)
065-K01944(please login)
Krylon New 16oz Cat Yellow spray paint (6ea)
065-K01946(please login)
Krylon Kubota orange (old) aerosol paint (6ea)
065-K01954(please login)
Krylon Kubota orange (new) aerosol paint (6ea)
065-K02328001(please login)
Krylon Fusion Red Pepper (6ea)
065-K02337001(please login)
Krylon fusion gloss pumpkin 12oz spray paint (6ea)
065-K20879(please login)
Krylon Rust Tough gray (6ea)
065-K345(please login)
*Krylon chrome alum weekend (cs6)
065-K349(please login)
*Krylon Green Forest Weekend 16 oz (12 each)
065-K358(please login)
*Krylon 16oz Gloss blk weekend spray paint (6cs)
065-K362(please login)
*Krylon cherry red weekend (cs6)
065-KS00151(please login)
*SparVar 11oz aerosol bright yellow (6ea)
065-KS00160(please login)
*SparVar 11oz aerosol regal blue (6ea)
065-KS00203(please login)
*SparVar 11oz aerosol Gray Primer (6ea)
065-R00479(please login)
Krylon Rust Tough ind yellow aerosol (6ea)
065-R00821(please login)
Krylon Rust Tough gray primer 1 gallon (4ea/cs)
065-R00874(please login)
Krylon Rust Tough 1qt dk machinery gray (2ea)
065-S00050000(please login)
Sprayon red rtv silicone red hi-temp sealant 8oz. (12ea)
065-S00202(please login)
Sprayon LU202 moly chain lube (12ea)
065-S00209000(please login)
Sprayon LU209 food grade synth etic oil (12ea)
065-S00542(please login)
Sprayon 16 oz welders anti spatter (12ea)
065-S00603(please login)
Sprayon 16oz blue layout dye (12ea)
065-S00609(please login)
Sprayon green insul. varnish (12ea)
065-S00620(please login)
Sprayon 16oz anti-seize compound (12ea)
065-S00702(please login)
Sprayon 12oz Engine degreaser aerosol (12ea/cs)
065-S00703(please login)
Sprayon electric motor degreaser aerosol 19oz (12 cans)
065-S00710(please login)
Sprayon PDRP waxy film lube (12ea)
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065-S00727(please login)
Sprayon LU727 HP Wet Lube (12ea)
065-S00728000(please login)
Sprayon LU728 non-flame Syn Lube (12ea)
065-S00739000(please login)
Krylon 14oz Silver galvanizing spray (12ea)
065-S00885(please login)
Sprayon 20oz Stainless steel cleaner aersol (12ea)
065-S01150(please login)
Krylon 16oz ToughCoat Zinger Pink (12ea)
065-S01324(please login)
Sprayon 10oz Prem silicone penetrating lube (12ea)
065-S020848LQ(please login)
Sprayon 14oz Flash free elect. degreaser, pump spray (12ea)
065-S02302(please login)
Sprayon 11oz Electronic contac cleaner (12/cs)
065-S030857(please login)
Sprayon 20oz Blast-Em wasp & hornet killer spray w/Trigger (12cs)
065-S03401(please login)
Krylon 16OZ QuikMark WB APWA brilliant white inverted marking paint 12ea)
065-S03408(please login)
Krylon 16oz QuikMark WB APWA Alert org inverted marking paint (12ea)
065-S03610(please login)
Krylon 20oz QuikMark WB safety inverted marking paint (12ea)
065-S77705(please login)
Sprayon 5gal Metal protectant outdoor waxy LU777
065-UC101(please login)
Krylon 16oz Rubberizd under- coating paintable (12ea)
065-W13000010(please login)
White Lightning 10oz Latex caulk wht siliconized acrylic (12ea)

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