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Cold Galv. Spray Paint, Inverted Marking Paint
Supreme Color Shield

  • Dries to the touch in just 10 minutes

  • Provides excellent interior and exterior durability

  • Superior appearance and color retention

  • Ideal for metal, steel, aluminum, and wood

064-5004(please login)
15 oz Supreme Color Shield Safety Blue Paint
064-5008(please login)
15 oz Supreme Color Shield Safety Yellow Paint
064-5010(please login)
15 oz Supreme Color Shield Safety Orange Paint
064-5019(please login)
15 oz Supreme Color Shield White Paint
Inverted Marking Paints

  • Mark lasts up to three months

  • Good color visibility and durability

  • Upside-down marking applications

064-246(please login)
20 oz Fluorescent Red Inverted Marking Paint
064-247(please login)
20 oz Fluorescent Orange Inverted Marking Paint
064-248(please login)
20 oz Fluorescent Green Inverted Marking Paint
064-249(please login)
20 oz Fluorescent Pink Inverted Marking Paint
064-250(please login)
20 oz Fluorescent Blue Inverted Marking Paint
064-253(please login)
20 oz Fluorescent Yellow Inverted Marking Paint
064-283(please login)
20 oz Fluorescent Red/Orange Inverted Marking Paint
064-252(please login)
20 oz Yellow Construction Marking Paint
064-254(please login)
20 oz Blue Inverted Marking Paint
064-255(please login)
20 oz White Inverted Marking Paint
064-256(please login)
20 oz Red Inverted Marking Paint
064-259(please login)
20 oz Green Inverted Marking Paint
064-260(please login)
20 oz Purple Inverted Marking Paint
064-258(please login)
20 oz Hi-Vis Yellow Inverted Marking Paint
064-200(please login)
20 oz Clear Coat Inverted Marking Paint
Speed E-Namel

  • Prevents rust

  • Fast dry, dries to the touch in 15 minutes

  • Smooth professional finish

  • Great for wood, metal, plastic, tools, masonry, etc.

064-Z308(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Silver Paint
064-Z317(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Aluminum Paint
064-Z387(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Gloss Black Paint
064-Z397(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Gloss White Paint
064-Z407(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Gold Paint
064-Z467(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Lemon Yellow Paint
064-Z468(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Medium Gray Paint
064-Z469(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Hunter Green Paint
064-Z471(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Royal Blue Paint
064-Z487(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Flat Black Paint
064-Z517(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Rich Red Paint
064-Z518(please login)
11 oz Speed E-Namel Pink Paint
Multi-Purpose Primer

  • Prevents rust

  • Fast-dry, sandable formula

  • Provides a smooth, tough surface

  • Lead-free and 100% non-toxic when dry

  • For wood, aluminum, iron, hard plastic, drywall, etc

064-Z8072(please login)
11 oz Gray Primer
064-Z8074(please login)
11 oz Red Oxide Primer
064-Z8078(please login)
11 oz Black Primer
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Cold Galvanize Zinc Rich

  • 93% Zinc coating bonds to iron and steel

  • Stops rust and corrosion on any iron or steel surface

  • Zinc fuses to metal substances

  • Protection equal to hot-dipped galvanizing

064-7007(please login)
16 oz Crown Cold Galvanize Coating 93% Zinc
Brite Galvanize Zinc Rich

  • A glistening coating with 65% pure zinc in dry film

  • Stops rust and corrosion on any iron or steel surface

  • Protection equal to hot-dipped galvanizing

  • Good film integrity after 336 hours salt spray

064-7008(please login)
16 oz Crown Brite Galvanize Coating 65% Zinc
Fault Finder Cleaner

  • Step #1 of the Fault-Finder test system

  • Pre-cleans the part to be tested

  • Contains no chlorine or sulfur-bearing solvents

064-1071(please login)
12 oz Fault Finder Cleaner
Fault Finder Penetrant

  • Step #2 of the Fault-Finder test system

  • Apply penetrating fluid to the part to be tested

  • Certified low in chlorine and sulfur-bearing solvents

064-1072(please login)
12 oz Fault Finder Penetrant
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Fault Finder Developer

  • Step #3 of the Fault-Finder test system

  • Reveals any defects on the part being tested

  • Certified low in chlorine and sulfur-bearing solvents

064-1073(please login)
12 oz Fault Finder Developer
Metalworking Compounds

  • Enables accurate scribing without glare

  • Quick-drying film that won’t peel, flake or rub off

  • Excellent adhesion to all metals, glass or plastics

064-6001(please login)
16 oz Crown Blue Toolmaker Ink
Dry Moly Lubricant

  • Quick drying

  • Resists corrosion

  • Assembly and break-in lubrication

  • Bonds to surfaces without attracting dirt or dust

  • Prevents sliding or threaded parts from seizing

064-6080(please login)
16 oz Dry Moly Lubricant
Wire Rope & Chain Lube

  • Provides corrosion protection

  • Dark gray color allows easy visibility

  • Will not wash away or rub off

  • Reduces wear and increases chain life

064-7043(please login)
Wire Rope & Chain Lube
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Crown HD Gear & Wire Rope Lube

  • High-Grade moly grease

  • Won’t become brittle

  • Not affected by weather

  • Outstanding adhesion properties

064-7045(please login)
16 oz Crown Heavy Duty Gear & Wire Rope Lube
Wasp & Hornet Killer

  • Sprays up to 20 feet

  • Pinpoint stream reaches hard to reach places

  • Instantly kills hornets, wasps and yellow jackets

  • High-delivery valve for complete saturation

  • Prevents re-infestation for weeks

064-863(please login)
14 oz Wasp and Hornet Spray
Marking Stick

  • 32” long, hand held

  • Inverted marking paint applicator

  • Flag holder

  • Flag insert spike

064-245(please login)
32" Marking Stick for Inverted Paint
Pistol Grip Spot Marker

  • 14” long

  • Pistol grip

  • Inverted marking paint applicator

064-244(please login)
Pistol Grip Spot Marker for Inverted Paint
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Supreme Color Shield - 5006
064-5006(please login)
15oz Color Shield Safety Green
064-01013(please login)
*Aervoe Crown Fault Finder Developer (12ea)
064-1303(please login)
*Aervoe blue color coding enamel (12ea)
064-141(please login)
*Aervoe zinc rich galv 16oz (12ea)
064-143(please login)
Aervoe chrome galvanize 7008 16oz. (12ea)
064-156(please login)
Aervoe rebar green coating (12)
064-257(please login)
Aervoe orange inverted marking paint (12ea)
064-2801(please login)
Aervoe red stencil ink 16oz aerosol12oz fill (12ea)
064-2806(please login)
Aervoe black stencil ink aersol 16oz/12oz (12ea)
064-2807(please login)
Aervoe white stencil ink (12ea)
064-2811(please login)
Aervoe tan box saver (12ea)
064-301(please login)
Aervoe safety red rust proof 16oz aerosol (6ea)
064-399(please login)
Aervoe LFP Cleaner/Degreaser (12ea)
064-415(please login)
Aervoe off line contact cleaner 20oz can 15oz fill (12)
064-5012(please login)
Aervoe color shield safety red 15oz (6ea)
064-5014(please login)
Aervoe color shield sand color (6ea)
064-5016(please login)
Aervoe color shield flat black (6ea)
064-5017(please login)
Aervoe color shield black (6ea)
064-5018(please login)
Aervoe color shield flat white (6ea)
064-5021(please login)
Aervoe hand-y general purpose wipes (6ea)
064-592(please login)
Aervoe brake and parts cleaner (12ea)
064-6004(please login)
Aervoe Crown kleer kote 15oz (12ea)
064-6007(please login)
Aervoe Crown rust inhibitor (12ea)
064-6095(please login)
Aervoe toolmaker ink remover aerosol (12ea)
064-7007-GAL(please login)
Aervoe Crown 1gal cold galv compound (1gal)
064-7007Q(please login)
Aervoe Crown quart cold galv compound (4ea)
064-7020(please login)
Aervoe 16oz Cutting oil (12ea)
064-730(please login)
Aervoe traffic red striping paint aerosol (12ea)
064-750(please login)
Aervoe traffic blue striping paint (12ea)
064-790(please login)
Aervoe 20oz athletic white striping paint (12ea)
064-801(please login)
Aervoe Vers-A-Striper f/turf & dirt (1ea)
064-8034(please login)
Aervoe GP silicone lube aerosol (12 ea)
064-8060(please login)
Aervoe NFP safety solvent (12 ea)
064-8078(please login)
Aervoe dry graphite lubricant (12 ea)
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064-8260(please login)
Aervoe cleaner/degreaser hd 20oz (15oz) citrus-base (12ea)
064-8276(please login)
Aervoe offline contact cleaner (12 ea)
064-887(please login)
Aervoe 16 oz welders anti-spatter (water-based) (12ea)
064-9105(please login)
Aervoe anti-seize compound (12 ea)
064-9106(please login)
Aervoe tap tool (12 ea)
064-Z1422(please login)
Aervoe fluorescent orange (6ea)
064-Z307(please login)
Aervoe Speed E-Namel acrylic clear 11oz can (6ea)
064-Z357(please login)
Aervoe Speed E-Namel choc brown 11oz can (6ea)
064-Z377(please login)
Aervoe Speed E-Namel flat white 11oz can (6ea)
064-Z480(please login)
Aervoe Speed E-Namel beige 11oz can (6ea)
064-Z482(please login)
Aervoe Speed E-Namel almond 11oz can (6ea)
064-Z519(please login)
Aervoe Speed E-Namel burgandy (6ea)
064-Z630(please login)
Aervoe hi-temp aluminum paint 11oz (6ea)
064-Z635(please login)
Aervoe hi-temp black paint 11oz (6ea)

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